There's a reason we distrust docs!!!

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    I posted this in Tandy's post about doctors being dumb, but I just wanted to let everyone read this.

    After all our discussions about the difficulty getting meds for our pain,our long term, chronic pain, I believe most doctors are quicker to treat men with stronger meds than women. An example, one of the guys in our office was having some stiffness in his neck and down into his arm. Complained for 2 days. No injury, no numbness. He went over to a doc in a box at lunch time today. When he came back he said they didn't do xrays, just said pain was from poor posture and gave him scripts for Ultracet, Motrin, Percocet and Soma. Can you believe that? I am so pissed I could scream. I would really really like to see what this same doc would prescribe for a female who went in with the same symptoms. Probably Paxil for anxiety! After all, it's all in our head, right?????
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    You're probably right...:)

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    Several months ago my husband was having abdominal discomfort that lasted over a week. I got pretty concerned for him and begged him to go see a doc. Well when week 2 rolled around he finally admitted he needed to see someone, even though he wasn't in alot pain...more discomfort. It was a Sunday so we went to the ER. He was there for hours and had a whole series of abdominal xrays etc..the whole works. Finding nothing wrong , they told him he must have a viral infection. The doc gave him a prescription for 30 vicodin with 2 refills!! My husband actually..said.."I don't need anything for pain, it doesn't really hurt too badly." The doc told him to get it filled just in case.

    Well he got the prescription filled, but gave them to me. He also had the two refills filled...and they were all for me. Now...if I went to a doc and said I was in severe pain with fibro and I could not eat, sleep, cook, bathe, or clean..I would get a script for some Vioxx.
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    I sent my husband to my orthopedist for his tendonitis. I've used this orthopedist for years. He's always only given me ONE Rx for any particular pain med at a time, with no refills, and when I went back with chronic pain/chronic problems, he wouldn't write for those and sort of washed his hands of me.

    My husband goes to him for cortisone injections 2-3 times a year, never asks for pain meds, and the guy is writing for him and practically shoving them into his hands. Go figure...........

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    In the 22 years I've been ill I have been on the receiving end of sexism from some male doctors. From the very start of the consultation you know you're up against it just because you're female. All the assumptions they make about women who complain feeling ill come so quickly to the fore.

    Another thing I found many male doctors find threatening is an educated female. If you're assertive as well that too goes down like a ton of bricks.

    Men have a reputation, deserved or not, of making more fuss when their ill eg a cold is flu +++++. So perhaps more male doctors recognise the need for quick effective pain relief.


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    As a man recently diagnosed with FM, I have been doing a lot of reading and found some interesting things germane to this issue.

    Doctors suspect that FMS is drastically underdiagnosed in males, due in large part to the fact that men do not tend to seek medical attention for the type of pain that FMS often presents. According to a couple of the articles I read, women are apparently more resistent to certain types of acute pain (i.e. childbirth), but are more hampered by the more chronic type of pain than men. Whether it is due to societal, psychological or physiological causes or a combination is an open question.

    Just food for thought.

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    My husband thought that FMS stood for Female Menstral Syndrome...LOL, and he wasn't being sarcastic...he really thought that...after reading a lot of these posts, I am wondering if that's what some of these Doctors are thinking too...only in their case, more along the sarcastic side!