Thermometers and fevers

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    I just have a question. I often run low-grade fevers. I have an oral thermometer that I use, however, I don't believe it is that accurate. At work (I work at a hospital) when I'm not feeling well, I'll take my temperature. I took it last night and it was up to 100 degrees. I'm just curious though, at work we have a tympanic thermometer. Is there much of a difference between oral and tympanic, accuracy-wise?

    I was surprised when I took it last night and it was so high, because I felt bad but not that bad. One of my co-workers was standing next to me and said, "oh, you have a fever." To that I said, yeah, I always have a fever.

    Gentle hugs to all,
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    I get the fevers and have been charting them with an ear thermometer for the past 18 months. I like the ear ones and I think they are pretty accurate just stay with one ear though.
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    Fascinated to see this topic brought up today!

    I have run, on average, 97.4 as "normal" long, I can't remember.

    But as one of you (?sorry?) said, most docs just scoff when we say we have a fever if we have even 98.6!!!

    I have (thanks to God!!) finally found a doctor (thanks to God!!!) who actually cares, actually listens, and today, actually said:

    "You weren't just whistling dixie when you said you run a low-normal temperature!"

    My temp today at his office was 96.4!!! (I knew I was freezing in his office, but that is even lower than usual....and it was HOT outside today!)

    I almost feel like holding my breath, cause this new doc seems "too good to be true"!

    About thermometers....I have two oral thermometers, and they always read exactly the same as each other. Of course, I did not have one with me to compare to the reading from the "ear" thermometer.....but I am thinking of getting me one of those for home, as well.

    On a side-note, my new doc was so cute today. When he was examining me today, he looked in my ears with his little thingy, and said: "Yep, just as I thought....I see a very large brain in there!"

    (Thank you, God, for my blessings today!)

    And blessings to everyone!


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    I get what you mean as my normal body temp is 96.7 and when I hit 98.6 I am sick and running a fever. And the doctors look at me like I am NUTS. YOU don't have a fever your not even at normal yet. So I asked him one day What was normal and who was NORMAL. NO answer. I have never been sicker than when I had a temp of 101 and the doctors thought i was out of it as I had told them how low my temp is and they thought I was making it up as PEOPLE DON't have TEMp's that low all the time. But I do. And I have the records to prove it now.

    I don't feel good now but it is not from the low body temp it is this heat with I can't stand.