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    They are personal to me, but maybe be of some interest to others here...
    Firstly, if there is any question of heredity of CFS and FMS, I can confirm that it is...My grandfather was married and had two children before he married my grandmother. My cousin, who is the grand daughter of my grandfathers first wife, has CFS,just as I do. Another cousin, who is the grand daughter of my grandfather's second wife, just as I am, has FMS, just as I do. My father, who is that same grandfathers son, was recently dx'd with FMS at the age of 69. My doctors daughter has FMS. What does she has to do with proving heredity in my case? Intererstingly enough, my doctor and his daughter are distant ancestral relatives from the same pedigree line as that same grandfather of mine. So if that doesnt prove heredity, I don't know what does!!!!! So, if someone had the inclination to do the work, conceivably a medical genogram could be generated, and therefore possibly predict the probability of future generations of this family also having it. It could maybe even locate the gene...and maybe a cure or innoculation. I thnk I may present idea to my doctor and see what he says.

    Now, what worked for me and what didn't so far. I was FINALLY dx'd 6 months ago. I was on flexoril, no dice, amitryp and flexoril, nothing, clonezapam and florinef, nothing. Physical therapy, nothing. Now I am going to begin a course of B12, Paxil, Florinef and Thermotabs to see how that works. Later, MSM(?) might be introduced.

    The dominate symptoms are excruciating leg aches and pains and inability to sleep more than 4 hours at a time despite complete and total exhaustion. Neck pain is often but not everyday, but when present over rules any other physical symptom I have, and exacerbates sleeplessness.

    Interesting features of my FMS/CFS/RLS is the occurance of finger tip sized bruises that appear in areas of concentrated pain. Sometimes these "points" are in the typical trigger/pressure points commonly associated with FMS. Most of the time they are somewhere along a radial line of a trigger/pressure point. They begin dark black, then fade to black and blue then to green then to yellow.
    My skin is especially mottled most of the time. Most prominately on my legs. My eyelids have darkened. I don't mean under eye circles, I have those too, but I mean my eye LIDS. I have postural hypotension, yet no symptoms, like fainting or lightheadness. Just overwhelming sleepiness that could be a symptom but could be the CFS.
    On a more personal note, my periods are regular with occasional lateness or earliness. But are always painful and heavy. My FMS and CFS symptoms intensify 10 fold during my period. And no matter how much money I spend on razors, I cannot get my legs shaven smooth anymore. Its like the blades can't get close enough to skin.

    A month and a half ago, while on Clonezapam and Florinef, I began to feel relatively fabulous, not 100% but significantly better as to lift my spirits considerably. It did not last longer than two weeks. I got a sinus infection and totally and completely crashed and my symptoms were more intense than ever and have been ever since.
    However, ever since, I can tolerate milk products again.

    If anyone else has ever had any of these same things, drop me a line. Especially the bruising thing..
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    You have posted symptoms that I thought couldn't possibly be related to fm/cfids. I get the same bruises. It almost always looks like 4 finger tip prints only its not ink its bruises. I made Joe quit holding my thigh when we are in the car cause I thought it was his fingers doing the bruising. lol. I get bruises in the oddest places...but mostly on my legs. The water pressure from the shower bruises the top of my feet. Isn't that weird. As for the shaving...I couldn't have described it better. I usually buy the huge pack of like 65 razors at costco and recently I noticed that I keep grabbing a new one. I never used to have to change razors so often. I have noticed that on the back of my upper arm, I feel these bumps. Almost like goose bumps but I am not cold. Thats the same feeling on my legs. I also agree with the genetic thing. My 2 sisters and I have FM and my 2 kids are showing strong signs of juvenille FM. I used to have such a nice complexion but now the tones are so uneven. My eyelids are also darkening. I also have really red palms. People often comment on them. I remember my mother having red palms too. Well I hope I didn't ramble on too long.
    ciao 4 now
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    In mentioning some of them. I wasnt sure if these things were FMS/CFS or not. They must be. Is your nose soo stuffy and wont go away too? I get so much crap out of my nose several times a day, and it wont stop. I wondered if that was a FMS thing too.
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    I just felt the back of my upper arms and I have those bumps too. I wonder what THATS about.
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    but I have read about studies on this.... I have wondered who here I am related to LOL LOL>>>>>> I feel almost certain there is a familial link.... Good luck!
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    worn short-sleeved garments because of my discomfort showing my red, bumpy arms. They have been this way since I was about 17 and I had asked dermatologists about it, who gave me a few things to use/do. Nothing helped. I, too, have mottled skin and I am embarrassed to death to be under fluorescent lights!!! I look horrible with my purplish areas on my legs PLUS the red-pored chicken-skin texture!!! I hate the way my skin looks~~I used to use the tanning bed for this reason alone, but I realized this wasn't a real solution when I developed skin cancer!!! I shave daily and I have gotten hair on my upper lip and a little on my chin~~I hate this so much, but I get rid of it daily, too. I get those strange little bruises, too, even though I rarely bruise from injury. I have times during which I feel energetic and cheerful, too, and then I am sideswiped and in bed for days! This week, I have had nausea~~no vomiting~~no known reason. I have also been much sleepier and even took a nap two days, which is NOT my usual routine! There are innumerable inconsistencies with my health. All is I depend on is my health being undependable!!! Wish you weren't in the same boat!!! I am so happy that I seem to be the only one around me with this DD~~~
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    That my doctor and his daughter are distant relatives and she has FMS too? We have the same common ancestors beginning in the 1600's and splitting off around late 1700's...I'll tell ya what, if anyone can trace their ancestry to a Lathrop Family or a Rev. John Lothroppe from Barnestable, Mass in the 1600's...You are another branch in the family FMS/CFS tree!!!