these awful tears

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cara, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. cara

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    Does anyone else have this with CFS?

    Everytime I overdo it, or do any walking or try to do any simple yoga stretches within 24 hours I ache all over and then this awful depression descends like a black cloud and I cannot stop crying.

    If I rest and do absolutely nothing and sleep, which seems to be for hours and hours, the depression and crying disappears.

    I already take a low dose anti-depressant which has made no difference to this problem. This is so frustrating. I am desperate for a life!

    Just knowing someone else is dealing with this would be such a comfort. love and light. cara
  2. bejo

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    Depression is one of my worst problems with fibro,sometimes I cry over the least thing.I don't think mine is due to overdoing though.I can be feeling fairly up then in an instant I will be crying and very depressed.Sometimes I get so depressed I don't know how to keep going,but somehow I come up out of it.I take a mild anti-depressant to help me sleep but they don't do much for depression.Sometimes just being able to talk about it (posting here ) helps.Here's some warm ((((((hugs)))))) to help in your bad times. bejo