These work for sore feet, and Plantar Fasiatis(sp?) for sure, trust me

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    Barefoot Science Foot Inserts work to ease the pain of Plantar F. (I can't spell it!) and also ease foot pain of fibromyalgia. I have been wearing them for 8 years. I had Plantar F. for 2 years before a therapist recommended them to me, and it was the only thing that stopped my Plantar F. I had ultrasound treatments, therapy and eve cortisone injections right into my heel and no relief of the pain.
    These inserts raise the arch of your foot with special inserts you gradually insert under the sole of the insert...and raising the arch takes the pressure off the ligaments and tendons in the heel. It is the inflammation of the tendons that cause the horrid pain in Plantar F. You will see relief as you gradually raise the arch. Wouldn't you think doctors would know this? Well, they don't.
    Wearing this shoe insert is imperative, even in your house slippers. They are worth the cost (about $60 up here in Canada). When you have painful feet, you must cushion them (fibro pain in the feet) too, with gel inserts even over this Barefoot Science Insert.
    I hope this will help all you who are suffering with foot pain. It's the pits!
    These inserts sell in some pharmacies. Their site is on the web under "Barefoot Science Inserts" and a site that sells them is PRO THERAPY SUPPLIES.COM. I get them in Canada through a shoe chain called "Tender Tootsies". Good luck everybody!
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