TheTremendous Gift of Giving

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  1. JackieDH

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    A different Christmas blessing...

    I was at save a lot grocery store just before Thanksgiving. I was in line for the cashier and notice a young thin rather frail looking girl come in line behind me. I noticed she was figidy (sp?) looking through her wallet and finally tug out a credit card or maybe a debit card with a visa logo. Her hands were trembling while she waited as though she wondered if the card would be declined. She had just a couple of things to buy ... staples like milk, bread and rice .. She left the line and went up one of the aisles and put a couple of her things back.

    By this time I was almost checked out when she got back in line behind me. I just knew in my heart that she was trying to feed her babies... it just broke my heart. After I paid the cashier I got $10 cash back for change and whispered to the cashier to take it to cover the girls groceries.

    I was bagging my groceries at the counter and the girl came up to me and said "Thank You .. You will never know how much this means to me" I replied "Honey I have been there too and the Lord has alway come through somehow. You are so welcome".

    As I was going out to my car I noticed that she was by her old beat up car and was leaning over and crying her head off. I went up to her to see if she was ok. She said she was so touched by my gesture of kindness that she was over come by emotion. She told me that money has been so tight and that they were trying to keep their heat from being turned off. She said she had taken the little money they had for groceries to put toward the gas bill but it still wouldn't be enough.

    I felt God speaking to my heart and I reached in my wallet and pulled out a $100 bill and handed it to her. She insisted she couldn't take such a gift and that she was thankful for the groceries I had paid for. I insisted that God would have me give her this. I put it back in her hand and turned and went back to my car.

    I am not wealthy (waiting for disability to go through) by any means but had money in my wallet for some car repair bills that were coming up that weekend. I wondered what my husband would say when he heard I gave a $100 to a complete stranger. I called him at work and told him what I had done. He chuckled a little and said... "That is what I love most about you... That you have a sensative heart to hear what God is saying to you". He wasn't mad at all...

    That Thanksgiving weekend we thought about the family and prayed that God would meet their needs. It was such a great holiday blessing to know that God still uses regular poor people to touch lives still today. The best gift we can receive is the gift of giving to others.

    Have a blessed Holiday,

  2. hopeful4

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    May all that you have blessed others with come back to you multiplied.

    Hugs and happy holidays,
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    You AND your husband are wonderful people. That young girl will remember your kindness forever and I would be willing to bet that when she is in a better financial place, she will do the same for someone else.

    I know my husband would have been very upset with me if I had done what you did. You have a very special husband!!

    I see you will be 40 soon - I will be 40 on Jan 3, so happy early birthday!

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    that was so thoughtful of you...i was born ad raised in battle creek, mi...i don't know where the heck greenville is located?

    that was a touching story and reminded me of the time i needed to keep my car going...i called it my chitty chitty bang bang car...i donated it in feb. of this year...the transmission was going out i would fill the radiator to make sure it had fluid going thru before the motor went next and then that would be the end of it....i couldn't afford to buy a car much less rent one for a day...waiting for my ssdi to come thru...from july 8,2004 until january 20,2005...waiting for the back pay...

    but previous to that i needed repairs done to my car and it was an acura legend and not cheap for repairs or parts...i needed brakes donw and a friend said take it to larry's shop and i already called him to see if he would do payments...she said talk to him...i did. went to go pick up car he said there was no charge for that...nothing i started crying and thanking like you would never believe...i would've never asked for a discount but he said he would take payments then gave me freee brakes..the nhe let me make payments on waterpump more brakes and other soon as i got my ssdi money i wrote out that check and brought them a bottle wine...

    it was such a nice act of caring on larry and his wife's part i will never forget!

    thank you for sharing a wonderful story

  5. kaiasmom

    kaiasmom New Member

    It is refreshing to hear of such selfless giving. I am so glad that there are still good people like you in the world.


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