THEY found the retro-virus of ME/CFS with Aids money, prohealth says no!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkrainbow, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. pinkrainbow

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    Though i didnt let myself get excited after living with ME and Fm for 20 years, the logic(they had tons of money for AIDS research, and consequently..while looking for the AIDS retro-virus, they accidently found the ME retrovirus(so tiny, they had never noticed it before), and the speech on a cure JUST 2 YEARS!(with Aids drug (Qmark ey stuck!)lol..
    And then pro health does a minor study, not using a duplicate approach, etc. and says no..and then even a few of the normies(i like to call them) got it!
    Surely, theres some propoganda, or something wrong here..i mean the first study was on cnnn, all major news and newspapers,etc. I cant help but think somethings off here!What do you thinkQmark

    ps-first time posting(that i remember!)...let me know if i did anything wrong please..i turned the page after submitting, and my topic wasnt there..suggestionsQ
  2. justjanelle

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    I think you may be misunderstanding something. Or else I am...

    because I don't think ProHealth has done any studies on this. Or even that they have research staff or capabilities.

    What I have seen is that several individuals (users of these message boards) have posted results they've seen published by other groups of researchers. So far these researchers have reported negative findings on XMRV while not duplicating the WPI approach.

    But as far as I know none of these studies have been done by ProHealth itself.

    I tend to agree that these quickie studies that have not found XMRV were probably done by researchers who really didn't WANT to find it, so they didn't follow the WPI approach for that reason.

    Hope this helps.

  3. pinkrainbow

    pinkrainbow New Member

    Thanksk for responding Janelle. Yes, i guess i read it on pro health(but a bit overwhelmed, writing a profile, downloading a photo(took an hour!), then posting,etc. with fibro thanks, i think your absolutely right, and am glad i am not the only one that had a response! i am sure the one that made it to CNN etc., was on a much bigger scale, or they wouldnt have announced it, and a cure in 2 years with Q(forget the name of the aids drug).
    You are my first!:)

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