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    I posted this on the fibro board and it got deleted twice. I lost so much good information. I didn't realize it was chitchat. I don't really consider me being upset and sick over losing my home chitchat. I wish they hadn't just deleted it and just moved it here. If anyone remembers what you posted please let me know. I still haven't gotten the nerve to call them. It makes me alomost throw up to think of it. I have to call them. They sent one whole payment back to me. We are three months behind, technically four now since they sent that one back.
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    call the company for sure. i would have thought they would've taken the darn check for sure.

    keep us posted and i am sorry for your financial difficulties.

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    I read your post on the Fibro board. I managed a bank for many years and this is not uncommon especially this time of year. We were always told if there were potential loan losses that were in serious past due status and recovery was doubtful, we were to charge the loan off before year end. All payments would be returned unless the payment was sufficient to bring the loan current.

    You need to call ASAP and make yourself a person to them not just a loan number that is past due. See if you can restructure the loan. I wish I could help more but to them it is business. They understand they will take a loss but evidently they are tired of dealing with it. Each month that the loan shows past due, it reflects on the loan officer and his performance appraisal and thus his pay increases.

    I am afraid it is to late. Contact with the lender is of utmost importance. Please call TODAY and ask for a supervisor. I wish you the best and I really hope you can work this out.
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    1Sweetie, I must admit your post scared me into calling them. When I read you post I got sick to my stomach and got that dreaded pit in the stomach feeling. I called them and you were right. They will accept nothing but the full amount and when I asked to speak to a supervisor they said they would say the same thing. I insisted and he did. Honestly I know this sounds paranoid, but I kind of think I talked to the same guy. He sounded exactly the same, but who knows. I am bawling my yese out and sick as a dog. srory for the bad vibe in here, i know this is chit chat, but they won't let me talk in fibro. Sweetie, are you the one who worked for the bank I am with?
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    I worked for a bank in N.C. I was as lenient as I possibility could be in this type of situation. Mortgage companies are not.

    I can not tell you how sorry I am about this. They want to "clear the books" before year end. I'm really liked banking a long time ago when we could use our heart with our heads and we had the ability to make decisions.

    I hope something works out for you.
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    Sweetie where do you live in Nc? I live about thirty miles from Boone. Thanks for your help.
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    I live in the central part of the state...near the N.C. zoo. I am very familiar with the Boone/Blowing Rock area.

    I was engaged to a man that lived in between those towns for over 3 years. I spent nearly each weekend and holidays there. He had a boat on Watauga Lake. I love the area. It became my second home. I really miss those mountains and all the friends that I made while I was there.

    Were you able to work anything out with your lender?