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  1. pearls

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    Dr. Starlanyl has written that FMS patients often have thicker mucus than other people. She didn't write about my specific problem, however. Do any of you have to contend with a throat-load of thick mucus in the middle of the night? I wake up with so mucus in my throat that I have to gargle with warm salt water and repeatedly spit before I return to a more "normal" condition. It takes a lot of time to do this - and while it is certainly not the biggest problem with which I have to contend - it IS one more irritation in the long list.

  2. garyandkim

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    breathing. I suction mine out. I also take allergy pills with a decongestant snf it helps a lot.

    It really can get very scarry. I wake not able to get it out and with not being able to clear it on my own I can't breath and many times not swallow to. I keep water by the bed and drink lots. Do you get the bubble making happen to? Open your mouth and the saliva makes a bubble covering the inside of my mouth. I also find that Listerine helps cut it and helps some.

    Good luck, Kim
  3. Aussiegirl

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    I was told I had chronic fatigue, but Im starting to think its fibro instead. I have been experiencing alot of mucus in the back of my throat and my voice box occasionally get hoarse.
    I didnt know that this was one of the symptoms .
  4. pearls

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    My voice is hoarse, too, which was noticed by my ENT, who checked for nodules (I've had them before, but not this time).

    I was interested in the suctioning technic. How does one suction one's throat? (I think they do that with babies, but I had mine a long time ago and I don't think they did that then!)

    I CAN tell you that Guaifenisin will help this condition, according to Dr. Starlanyl. I do take Guai, but I also know that I'm getting salicilates, too. When I retire - in about three weeks - I'll have more time to think about avoiding the salicilates, which I understand interferes with the work of the Guaifenisin.

  5. garyandkim

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    place. My insurance paid for most of it and you plug it in. We were on the Guai theropy. Now Gary just takes the Guaifenesin ER tabs. I just started to take Claritin-D. Seems to help. But, mine isn't really bad too ofton any more. Good luck on your new proticol and hope it works for you. We all need a break.

    Good luck, Kim and Gary
  6. PatPalmer

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    I`ve had this problem but not as bad as you pearls,- but had great relief with "Cytolog" this week. It`s something new in the way it is administered, and could be worth trying.

    Also, have you seen the posts on Olive Leaf Extract? there`s a few people here found that gives relief too.

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  7. AmyKaiser

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    do u notice a worsening of your symptoms after consuming dairy?
  8. kredca4

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    I just discovered that I have what is called Mastoid Disease, it showed up on an MRI that was done back in May of 01, and no one, mainly the Neruo, said a word about it, it got lost in the Dr. wanting to do Botox Shots, and me not wanting him to, one they are expensive, and Insurance wouldn't cover them, and 2 I won't have injections on my Spine or anywhere else for that mater.
    I have bad reactions, no matter the reason or treatment.

    I will be seeing a new Nerup-Surgeon, and I have the film to take to him, I'm a tad (?) nervous about this visit.

    I did some research on Mastoid Disease, and there are quite a few different one;s. I had never even heard of this before, but then I didn't know about FMS till I was dx.
    But some of the Symptoms, were the Muscus problem that I have.

    I cough up Mucus after laying down, but I have noticed, that it does not come from deep down, like when you have a cold? It feels like it comes fron the back of my throat, like it has been sitting there just waiting for me to wake up. I also get it on bad air day's, and windy day's for sure.

    I also have had Pain and pressure on my Right ear for over 2 year's, and this is also another symptom.

    So I have been thinking that these problems were from my FMS and CMP, now I find out it's being caused by something different. The dx is already there, they just didn't pursue the matter, once I didn't want to fork out the big bucks.

    You might want to check out that condition also, don't just think it's FMS, it's better to check out the Symptoms, then if nothing show's, yes it's FMS. Or another condition and the FMS makes it worse.

    Good luck to you and I hope you have a Great Sunday.
  9. pearls

    pearls New Member

    I'm sorry I've been so busy (my last couple of weeks of teaching before my retirement June 8), I haven't thanked you all before this. But, I do go back and look at my mail. Thanks again. The problem has subsided for right now, but I'm sure it could pop up its ugly head at any time.

  10. kredca4

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    It's from a bad Sinus infection, and the trigger point called "SCM", and the big baddy cause, is Mastoid Disease.
    I am going through some test's to find out just how bad the MD is.
    I get the Mucus build up when I lay down or sleeping, but it comes from the stuff draining from the Sinus, it dosen't come from the deep part of my throat, weird, and it's usually white, sometimes foamy.

    When I have any kind of infection it becomes green or dark, then I know it's coming from the lungs, or that area.

    I find Vistril helps to keep this undercontroll.

    I know that FMS suffer's have more problems with Histimine than a Normal does, aren't we Lucky?

    The Book by Dr. Starlanyl is a Great book to check out the different co conditions we can get, and how to treat them.

    Good Luck,
  11. AC77

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    Guanfensin syrup, at mid-day and bedtime...sold on here or any pharmacy, and sudafed in the AM (never at night) will help thin and dislodge the muscus. You dont want to stop it, as it is obviously getting rid of all the bad stuff in your lungs and bronhial tract. If it continues, please see a physcian, this could be a sign of disease or illness.
  12. tansy

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    Suddenly mental confusion cleared long enough for bells to ring.

    Years ago I used a popular cough mixture called benolyn. Found it in a pharmacy today and checked ingredients, it contains guai.

    Used to find it helped a lot, but had problems with the menthol and sugar (candida).

    Felt better generally too, thought it was just 'cos I breathed better especially at night, but now think it was having a more therapeutic effect.

    If you are eating dairy foods they are notorious for causing catarrh.



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