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  1. Psyche

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    Hi there! I have FMS and since some time back I find that I have thick, mucous saliva, large quantities of it. It's transparent (doesn't appear to have food in it) and I have to keep spitting it out, sometimes it's SO embarrassing. I carry tissues with me all the time. Trouble is that it's kind of ropey, I have to cough it up and more keeps coming.
    I'm taking reflux med for small hiatial hernia, but it's not doing any good for the saliva trouble.
    I don't feel any acid reflux at all, and my food doesn't regurgitate. Sometimes when I go to bed I have to spend a long while spitting up thick white/transparent saliva, eventually it seems to subside and I drop off to sleep. I might wake up in the night with it, and in the morning I have to keep spitting...
    sorry, I have to go & spit right now, it's a terrible nuisace and disagreeable and I don't know whether it's Fibro related. I've been to several docs, but none seem to understand my trouble. In fact, I've had an over sensitive mouth & toungue for about four years, and now the saliva problem has gotten worse.
    I've started burping a little, also, my digestion is poor, I eat VERY simple food, no wheat flour, no meats, not even chicken.
    I'm worried about this and they say worrying doesn't help!!!
    Thanks for any info,
    Psyche ***

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  2. rockyjs

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    What your describing is sometimes caused by too much phosphorus in the diet. It helps to increase sodium and fluids if you don't have any trouble with high blood pressure.

    If you do any alternative treatments, you can try using the homeopathic Kali Bichromicum in a 30x or 30c potency. You should be able to find it the health food store (Boiron blue tubes).

  3. Psyche

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    Hi there rockyjs!
    Thanks so much for your reply. I think I'll try the homeopathic remedy you recommend. I don't know about phosphorous, how does one get too much of it in one's diet?
    My blood pressure is fairly low, mostly, except for the occasional nervous jump to maybe 140/90, so I could increase sodium a little. I drink lots of water.
    Thank you and good luck to you,
    Psyche ***
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    Hi lukro !
    Well, yes, I was told by the stomatologist that I had candida on my toungue more than once, and was treated with micostatin. It seemed to work OK. But the thick saliva appears to be something different, or better said, nobody seems to know why the h... I get it.
    I've now been referred to a HEAD & NECK specialist, have an appointment next week. Apparently he'll analyze my saliva, but that's to be seen when I get there, right?!
    All sorts of things set off my salivation, like cold, damp weather, all cleaning products, strong sprays, scents, etc. etc. Nonetheless, the Allergist says I'm not allergic (I had tests done).
    Thanks for helping out, good luck to you,
    cheers, Psyche ***
  5. rockyjs

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    Psyche, here's a list of high phosphorus foods. It's crucial to avoid them with certain kidney disorders, but even a normal person can get too much if it's out of balance. Calcium also helps.



    chocolate drinks cocoa
    drinks made with milk
    canned iced teas
    dark colas

    Dairy Products:
    cottage cheese
    ice cream
    cream soups

    beef liver
    chicken liver
    fish roe
    organ meats

    dried beans and peas:
    baked beans
    black beans
    chick peas
    garbanzo beans
    kidney beans
    northern beans
    pork ’ n beans
    split peas
    soy beans

    Other foods:
    bran cereals
    brewer’s yeast
    seeds wheat germ
    whole grain products

  6. tandy

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    I have the same trouble with thick mucus type saliva.

    Always coughing up chunks.

    Sometimes my tongue is sore too...????
    makes me wonder if I have a candida problem along with all my other problems. ???

    (oops to the caps lock :)
    too lazy - TIRED to fix.
  7. CarolK

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    Hi.. I did read a number of years ago something about thick saliva being part of FM. It was listed as one of the symptoms.

    I found it in a book (sorry, fibro fog here... can't remember the name of the book)... but the authors first name is Darryl. She has written one of the most comprehensive books on the subject of FM.

    Actually I have this book, however, it is packed up since we are going to be moving soon. I'm not sure which box it is in. But I am sure there are others here who could supply you with the name of the book and it's author.

    Anyway... I have the same problem as you do. I don't think mine is as severe as yours, but I've had to do a lot of spitting too. The condition kinda comes and goes.

    Hang in there... you are not alone!!!

    Blessings.... CarolK
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    The same thing happens to me sometimes, and that is whan I start drinking apple cider vinegar, among other things. It helps get rid of mucous in the system.

    Your profile is not filled out, so I don't know how old you are, but let me tell you what is happening where I live:

    This year the allergens in the air are very bad, and, evidently different from other years. Many of the older people in my town have come down with pneumonia, because their lungs are filling up with mucous. When this happens, the mucous is exactly as you describe it.

    If you have had a cough, especially a dry one, I would go and be checked out.

    Good luck,
  9. Chootik

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    I've had sticky Saliva too ever since I got this DD!

    I think it could either be the extra Inflamation in our bodies that comes with FM or if you an Auto-Immune disease or it could be an infection still in there.

    I'm doing a saliva test this week to see if I can find anything. I have thick, foamy like saliva, and when I spit it out, it dries kinda yellowish and smells a bit.

    I've told my docs and they haven't done anything about it. Pretty much they ignored it. So it's up to me to figure it out.

    Good luck. Please let us know what your doctor does to analyse your saliva.

  10. findmind

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    I read somewhere recently (BioMedCentral?) that this can be a fungal infection, and test is done by taking nose swabs.

    A friend has it constantly, chokes her to death while talking on phone! I had no idea what to tell her to try.

    I'll give her info from here, thanks all you smart people!

    BTW, one poster means Devin Starlanyl, M.D., as the FM book(s) author.

    Am not doing well, hi everyone....
  11. Psyche

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    Hi there !
    I've read all your answers, thank u SO much. I'll definitely try the apple vinegar first, it's the easiest!
    Right! the docs don't pay much attention, but the last time I had a fluish condition, the saliva really drove me mad, I thought I'd have to be carted off to hospital.... Had to sleep with several pillows, etc. etc.
    And it's true, the condition comes & goes, but this year (maybe because here in Argentina we're having the dampest winter on record -99% humidity in the air a lot of the time!!!-) it suddenly struck me and won't go away. Could be damp & contamination, as I live in a big city.
    But the allergist says I'm not allergic.... and so on....
    My appointment with the neck & head specialist is on MOnday 24th., so I'll let you kind people know whether he offers any solution, or whether he does the saliva glands test.
    Hang on there, all of you, we'll beat FMS yet !!!
    Hugs, Psyche ***
  12. Psyche

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    Well, this is my report on my visit to the so-called Neck and Head Specialist. I took my vast quantities of studies,
    analysis, etc. etc., list of symptoms, remedies I take, and so on.
    After listening a while, he inspected my mouth and perhaps throat -can't remember- and "prescribed" the following:
    I said raw vegs affect my gastric problems, but that I eat plenty of steamed carrots, preserving any liquid over. Oh no, he said, they have to be raw! And not grated (might loose juice), preferably carrot sticks.
    I came away nonplussed, partly relieved that he hadn't found anything serious (without any analysis, of course, I suggested saliva gland study, but he pooh poohed that..)and partly angry at having gotten myself there loaded with Tramadol and Paracetamol, because of the pain.
    As a consequence, I left all the old studies and my Health Card in the toilet and had to go back later to get them.
    Well, I tried carrot sticks last night, but I don't think I digested them well in spite of chewing 30 times for each stick.
    We're having disgustingly damp weather these weeks, with air humidity in the high 90's.Today we have 98% humidity and a steady drizzle with fog... Does that affect the stringy saliva problem and give you people a cough? Of course, it doesn't help the Fibro pain, does it?
    Well, there my promised report!!!! I wish I could find a REAL FMS SPECIALIST....
    Or just drag myself along and hope for the best? I find concentrating on something helps a lot. I write lots of poetry, BTW, and I recommend anybody so inclined to join Great group of friends & poets !!!
    Hugs to all, we'll get the better of FMS soon !!!
  13. jadibeler

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    My cousin w/CFS & FM has this problem, as well as other Candida manifestations. My saliva isn't like that but it seems to coat my mouth sometimes, can't get rid of it no matter how many times I rinse my mouth out. Take the Candida Spit Test - before putting anything in your mouth as soon as you wake up, spit into a clear glass of water. Check in 10-15 minutes. The spit will be floating on top of the water but if stringy things are hanging down from it, you have a Candida problem.

    Aside from no sugar, very low carb, no fermented food/beverage, take Oil of Oregano (make sure the bottle says "wild" oregano)