Thigh Pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Greenbean7, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    I am having horrible pain in my right thigh. When I stand up I can hardly walk. It's like I've been running up hill for hours and made the muscle really sore. Trust me, there has been no running going on around here!

    It wakes me in the night, sometimes both legs at night, but just the right one in the day time.

    Thanks, I just wanted to tell someone!

  2. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I can certainly relate to what you are speaking of. I have been suffering for over 3 months now with pain in both thighs (mainly on the top) but sometimes it is the entire leg. I also have hip pain...feels like the bone, then the muscle. I wish that I had an answer for it! I told my rhuemy a week ago... and he said... it just goes with the fibro. He wouldn't be seemingly so uncaring if it was HE that was in the pain!!!! I can't stand it much longer, so I am seeing another doc next week. I will let you know what the new doc says about it.
  3. islandgirl2

    islandgirl2 New Member

    I have been to a Chinese accupuncturist quite a few times for thigh, leg and hip pain....I hate needles but this isn't bad. He put the needles in and then hooked some up to something electrical....asking me if I could feel the, no, no, He kept grunting in amazement as he turned up the juice...then finally I felt actually felt like it was helping immediately. After 30 min. he said, "get up, walk ....see, no pain." And darn if the pain wasn't gone. He gave me chinese medicine to take and it took months for the pain to come back that bad....The treatment was only $ was worth a hundred. I strongly recommend accupuncture..wear shorts with an elastic waistband, and a short sleeved shirt. You do not have to undress necessarily. You may have needles in your face, arms, legs, stomach, hips.....Hope it helps.
  4. fawkes2

    fawkes2 New Member

    l know what your going thourgh l have had hip pain during the summer and my ra doc told me l had bursitis in both hips and he gave me a shot with cortosione(sp?) in both hips and l have been in physio for a while to help deal with the pain im having .
    l agree about acupunture , l started that two weeks ago and l can say that l can feel a difference with my pain that l have , it is alot less intense.
    l hope that your pain will subside soon , l feel bad that you are suffering and l hope that you will find away to help ease your pain.

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