Things are getting back to normal and I am okay.

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    To all the wonderful people who gave me such great advice after I was abused by my daughter and son-in-law: I couldn't have made it without your advice and support. Things have a habit of working in very strange ways. Karma DID come back to them. They got into a huge fight and split up for while. They filed DVROs on each other and went to court. A week later, their landlord took them to court over non-payment of rent and they have been evicted from their house. Then they lost their jobs. I believe, though I don't know for sure, that my grandson is in protective custody. I take no joy in the fact that they are homeless, and I worry about that precious little one year old baby. I DO know that they have burned every bridge available to them. When people ask me about it, I tell them the truth. I am not mean, but I don't sugar coat it either. I simply explain our family doesn't want any further contact.

    I have my own little places that I know they will not be, and I can just peacefully hike and be with my thoughts, nature and the things I love. I even managed to get a tiny little bit of self-confidence back and fly my little Cessna with my trusted CFI (flight instructor) and I even made a difficult landing by myself. My husband has been so supportive and so wonderful to me during all of this. I couldn't have done or lived through any of it without him.

    Thanks to all.
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    There is nothing like flying to get away from everything. Of course, straight and level isn't too demanding but if you are challenging yourself, you can't afford to be thinking about anything else. Flying isn't too difficult but it is unforgiving of mistakes so practicing for problems is crucial. I had a couple of times when my practice saved my skin from problems not of my causing. I no longer fly but I wouldn't have traded the blessing of flight for anything.

    Wishing you many, many hours of blissful skies.

    Love, Mikie