Things For Which I am Thankful even tho I have this DD

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by victoria, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. victoria

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    A friend sent me this, thought y'all would enjoy this list and probably have a few to add as well:

    My family -- especially my husband who does a lot of the work I can’t do anymore.

    A support group where I don’t have to explain myself

    Remembering what it was that I went to get when I reach the room where it is supposed to be

    A day when I feel "almost human"

    A good night’s sleep

    My recliner


    The internet

    Remembering someone’s name in the supermarket

    Being able to drive myself to the supermarket in the first place

    Doctors who understand this illness

    The warmth of a woodstove on a cold day

    Modern washers and dryers…even though it may take a few days to move the clothes from one to the other

    Cell phones

    Any phone with speed dial so I don’t have to remember the phone number

    Home movies

    Take out

    My dogs who love me no matter how I look or feel

    My little granddaughter who brings pure joy into my life

    Still being able to drive a car


    Pill box weekly organizers

    Modern pharmaceuticals

    Hot showers

    Sweatpants and sweatshirts in which I live day and night


    Days that I get to go out

    Days that I don’t have to go out

    Lunch with friends

    Digital cameras

    A little extra energy

    A little less pain

    Bottled water

    Cordless phones

    Fuzzy slippers

    Indoor plumbing

    The smell in the air after a good rain


    Vacations and the fact that I can still take them

    Putting the butter in the refrigerator and the cereal in the cupboard instead of the other way around


    Email from friends


    Remembering everything on the grocery list, even when it’s in my hand

    Remembering where I put the keys, glasses, etc.

    NOT having someone say, "but you look good" !!

    Remembering where I parked the car

    Wheelchairs or electric carts in large shopping malls


    And my addition would be:

    The ability to laugh and find things funny, even if it's myself!

    All the best,
  2. sues1

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    It could not be said better Victoria. It was a "warm fuzzy" to me.

    Also I am glad I have memories of things I used to be able to do, even thought I can not now. I prefer to think of the warm feelings and satisfaction of things of the past, instead of lamenting that I no longer can do those things.

    I have been blessed. I am Blessed! THANKS
  3. Mikie

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    I listed all the big, and little, things for which I'm grateful in my journal. Many of the things we take for granted, like a warm bed and food, are not available to people in other parts of the world. In those parts of the world, people usually suffer disease as well as poverty. I consider myself very blessed.

    Love, Mikie