Things got too much for me

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  1. Fibrolady37

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    To all my fibro family & anyone i emailed last time i was online.
    Im sorry i havent been online for a few months but ive had a lot going on at home & all around me.
    It seems every area of my life had a problem/s in it & i got to the point where i didnt know which way to turn or where to go.
    Ive had noisy neighbours for 2years 3months since i moved to my current home & the se currant ones have been the worst.
    I got a noise monitor fitted on Thursday & guess what they havent made a sound because they know theyre being monitored.
    Ive shut my self away from some friends because im in so much pain,ache so much & am so tired i just wanted to be at home where i could deal with aches & pains in my own way.
    Ive only seen my partner Adrian(ade) coz he is so supportive & looks after me,im so lucky to have him & i love him so much & he loves me & My daughter to bits.
    Sorry its so long but youre my fibro friends & im sorry if ive let any of you down,please believ me its not my fault.
    Ive learnt to say no to neighbours & friends & to do what i can when i can,ive never done that before ever>
    I m here for you all & my priority is to behere for anyone who needs a friend,thats why i was put on this earth.
    God bless you all & please know that even though i havent been online youve been in my prayers,very gentle hugs
    sharon d (uk)
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    nice to hear from you again, but sorry you are having such a hard time.
    I know sometimes I just need a bit of solitude, but I'd be lost without my friends (I don't have a 'partner') Don't isolate yourself too much, but you are right to keep away from 'friends' who are too high maintainance.

    Don't feel you are letting anyone here down, we all have to respect one anothers limits.

    Anyway as I said, it's nice to hear from you again, hope you feel up to staying around a while
    love Pam
  3. Fibrolady37

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    Hi pam,
    Thanks for you support im sorry last post so long from now on they be short & to the point,to give everyone chance to post.
    Ive no right to put all my probs on you i have a tenency to become very self focused at times.It isnt fair & i need to stop doing it.Got to just get on with life & take 1 day at a time.
    I worry alot & get scared like we all do,im not being self focused now but have need to ask you pam,Im on Benefits due to this DD.
    Because other people doing courses on-line from home should i be thinking thats what i should be doing or just pace myself knowing my limitations & stop thinking i have to do what others do?
    Sorry pam but youre a friend & youre the only one i can ask,hope thats not too much for you,hope post not to long.
    Youre a special lady & im praying for you.
    Thank-you pam & may god bless you.
    Love sharon d(uk)
  4. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    Dear pam,
    I respect everyones limits & we all do the same which is so good.
    You as i do know when you need to be alone or with friends.
    Im so glad you replied & you bet ill be staying around whatever happens.
    Thanks for being there & im here for you if & when you need another friend.
    Love sharon d(uk)