Things have been sorted out for us, finally

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LeightonLAM, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. LeightonLAM

    LeightonLAM New Member

    Over the last few days the nightmare that I was living finally came to an end.
    My husbands senior ranking supervisor came to see him because he had gotten reports about the police being here, and a bunch of other things that had resulted.

    When my husband was taken in for a meeting on all this he expected the worst. The supervisor asked him what happened and my husband explained. My husband expressed worry about possibly being kicked out of the Air Force, losing our children, losing housing, etc.

    The supervisor HAD NO IDEA that these things had been threatened to my husband by a lower level supervisor!!!

    He said that none of that was a worry and that the only thing that would happen was a letter of counselling would be placed in my husbands record. This was strictly to support the information as it was stated and to help us in case we have more problems with the same couple that stole my pain meds.

    The best part was when the lower level supervisor was forced to APOLOGIZE to my husband!!!!

    Thanks everyone for helping me through some really tough and scary times!!!
  2. TerryS

    TerryS Member


    I'm so glad everything got worked out. Sometimes lower level NCOs can be on a "power trip".

    THANK GOD it got resolved!!!

  3. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    I didn't understand why you or your husband would get in trouble for something someone else did to you. especially stealing your meds. some people ruin it for everyone.
  4. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    so glad that it is over for you guys. That would rate right up there as "your worst nightmare". Some people are just on some crazy power trips and it always seems to be the ones in charge isn't it. P
  5. LeightonLAM

    LeightonLAM New Member

    Yes they can go on power trips. This one had just become my husbands supervisor a couple of days before!!!

    Things could have gotten alot worse before they were resolved. We were in a very serious position of losing our children.

    The supervisor said that I could not be a fit parent in a wheelchair. But my husband's 1st Sgt said that was completely ridiculous!! Which it is!!

    It was a very scary week!! I am just glad it is over.

    The one "good" thing that came of this is that i was able to cry.
    I was attacked by someone that I trusted about 5 years ago, and I shut down as a defense. I stopped being able to cry. My husband and I have been married for 4 years and he has only seen me cry 2 or 3 times. But when all this took place, I cried almost nonstop for several days. I think it was healing for me.
  6. Jackie65

    Jackie65 New Member

    I am soooo happy for you. It is nice to hear about something turning out right for someone. It's too bad that you had to be put thru this in the first place. Now you can take a deep breath and a sigh of relief. Congratulations !!!!!! Jackie
  7. jole

    jole Member

    My daughter and husband were in the military, and I understand the helplessness that you must have felt. It seems that most things that happen there are very stressful on a day to day basis anyway, and to add this to it had to have been a nightmare. Glad things are under control again.

    The other poster was right - lots of lower officers like to throw their weight around....sounds like that's what happened to you. Best of luck in the future!
  8. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    You didn't lose faith! I am so proud for you and your couragous military family. I love military families. They make soooo many sacrifices for this country.

    One spouse goes to war and the other stays home and does double duty with the children. The stress from being seperated is so high! It is heartbreaking. I was seperated from my wife for 1 year many, many years ago. I was in the Army and went to the RVN.


  9. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    i'm so glad you posted, was so concerned for you! Thank God it all worked out for you, maybe now you will even get a little assistance til you get stabilized on meds, and just the stress of it all must feel like a 100# weight lifted off your shoulders.

    maybe this was a good thing, if that is what it took to open up after 5 years and have a good cry, i'm sure you have dammed up quite a resevoir of tears and the pressure must have been tremendous!

    keep us posted on how you are improving, i am sure that now you can begin to heal so much better than when you had all of that pent up pressure, and at least the military is now on your side.

    would've loved to see that apology!

    God bless you and family--L
  10. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    I am sooooo pleased and blessed that everything worked out for your favor! We have been praying, and have been very concerned for you and your family.

    I believe God worked it out for your good. He loves you so much; He wants you and your family, to know Him personally.
    He wants that for us all!

    My church family prayed for you; I will be so happy to give them the news! We will rejoice with you!

    May God continue to bless you even more now and in the future!

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  11. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    Sometimes crying is the best thing you can do, I agree it's very healing. I'm SO glad things are working out for you, nobody needs the kind of stress you and your husband and kids have been put through. Here's to better days ahead!


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