Things I've Tried that have Helped Me In My Journey

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    I'm reading through a lot of the posts and wanted to give some information for anyone that it may help.

    Some of the worst pain I've had is and was the burning muscles where it feels as if you're on fire inside.

    I would get numbness in my mouth, hands and toes. My feet would feel like when you get almost frostbitten, then you start warming up and you feel that painful burn.

    I went through neurology testing and everything came back "normal". Finally a few years after that, my gyn said she thought I was borderline hypothyroid and started me on thyroid meds. It wasn't fast, but it did start to help my worst fatigue.

    This was all before the diagnosis by a rheumatologist this year, but the Neurologist I saw 10 years ago, said he thought I could have something called "synovitis". I believe this could another term for Fibro. I was hurting so badly then, and was so scared, that I didn't realize it.

    Vitamins and minerals help me. Especially Calcium and Magnesium.

    Quercitin makes me MUCH worse and every muscle in my body cramps up.

    I have times when I have iron deficiency anemia. the pain and fatigue worsens when I have it, so if I feel the difference, I'll get checked and start iron when needed.

    Acupuncture helps too. It really helped me with a terrible frontal headache I had last Summer. It went away within 2 hours of the treatment. Amazing. It was the first time I had ever tried acupuncture.

    I've tried cranial sacral therapy/traditional osteopathic manipulations several years ago and it helped me also. I started going to a chiropractor this year and it has helped me.

    My pain is much better than it was. I still go through flares, and my fatigue gets worse and better, but never goes completely away.

    Right now, I am going through NAET sessions for allergies. This is Namubripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. I have several more allergies to clear. Look it up on the Internet for information. I read about it in "Fatigued to Fantastic". I will let you know if it helps. So far, I can't really tell a difference.

    This is such a strange disease. It seems like one thing can improve and then another will replace it. Like my body pain may improve some, then the fatigue will crop up. Or I'll be sensitive to light more often, but in less pain.

    The biggest blocker to many of the alternative therapies, is that insurance doesn't cover them and it can get costly.

    So far, I've not been offered any pharmaceutical remedies, and am trying to stay away from them,because I'm really sensitive. However, during my worst pain, I tried Elavil, but it didn't help me, so I quit it.

    Just wanted to throw this into the pool if it may help someone.


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    It seems like we all have tried many many things, at least those of us who have been having these problems for a good while...

    While some of the things that didn't help you have helped me, if I posted a list, I'm sure you'd find the same.

    And we wonder why doctors have no consensus...

    altho I still think they will find out there are stealth pathogen/s causing our problems.

    all the best,

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    the same things that have helped you have been the best things for me also. i couldn't live without my acupuncturist and there's a cumulative effect; the more often i get in there, the better i feel. needles plus a good chiropractor had me as close as i've been to a recovery earlier this year before i took a detour back to mainstream medicine and fell apart. i believe the root causes behind our illnesses are probably much more simple than most people believe. modern-day stress and poor diet causes the adrenals to fail, immune response plummets and the microbes move in (CFS). fibro's a little more elusive but seems to be a disease of the energy body as much as the physical. i also believe many people with fibro have muscle imbalances that cause trigger point pain and a lot of the conventional wisdom about exercise and stretching only makes things worse if these imbalances aren't addressed first.

    happy new year!
  4. kch64

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    Thanks Eddie, Happy New Year to you Also.

  5. shelbo

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    Bumping for others to appreciate! :)

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