things that feed, lift my spirit (despite illness)

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    hello all- i have many serious ailments- CFS, severe depression (on and off), major obesisty, and much more... but .. certain things help me see the beauty and good of life and this world-

    nature- animals especialy- with dogs being the best!!!!!! I love all dogs, big or small, cute or ugly. i love dogs so much that my friends jokingly call me a "pupophile"!!! going to a dog park is so uplifting- seeing the joy in the dogs faces as they run like wild and play and frolic with each other. and the dog owners are such friendly people too. lots of fun.

    seeing a wild animal or bird or fish in its natural setting. i am very lucky to be near the ocean right now. I saw some dolphins, they seem to be magical graceful gentle curious creatures. and to see the pelicans dive into the water is so dramatic and cool.

    and to see the ocean, so beautiful, whether it is calm or turbulent during a storm, it is magnificent. to walk along the beach and carefully look for... whatever.. shells, how i love the shells. all different shapes and colors.

    so i guess i think im some big dr doolittle type, but the other day i found a hermit crab, and i was intrigued, so i picked it up, he retracted into his shell. and then suddenly came out and scared the **** out of me! i shreiked and dropped him back into the water. some much for my little zen moment with the hermit crab! ;)

    also i love seeing clouds and sunsets- well who doesnt? here in florida the sunsets are spectacular. the beauty is amazing. if you want to take a peek just google florida gulf sunset.

    what else? i love many arts. especially painting and dance. before illness i took many dance classes. all kinds-- jazz, hip hop, mostly, also some ballet, tap and yes even tried flamenco (much harder than it looks)

    now that i cant dance, i do enjoy seeing dance on tv or at a live performance. it is so uplifting for me. the best dance perf i ever saw was a live tour of tv show "so you think you can dance". i had been on a horrible out of town dr appt all day , and felt veery ill (CFS) went home and slept thru the first half of the performance. well, i made it to the last half, and i am sooo glad i did.

    i am currently trying to teach myself to paint and draw. when you are concentrating on that you dont think about illness.

    i love meeting people from other lands or cultures. before CFS i travelled a lot. i am getting better, thank goodness, so i may yet travel again.

    well, thosse are some of the things that uplift me. (sorry not eloquently written).

    what lifts YOU up????

    edit- let me add something here-- i guess what i am trying to say- is that for me it is so helpful to notice and appreciate some of the "little things". before all this illness, i was like everyone else- very busy- w career, friends, dating, working out, etc etc. well, now i have very little of that life left, and it is important to find joy and wonder and encouragement however we can.

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    Dogs!!! Dogs are, well, dogs are... uhm... dogs are dogs! What better thing can one say. Dogs!

    I laughed at your encounter with the hermit crab. (What's this nonsense you write about not being eloquent?!)

    I, too, live near a beach (1 block) but it's on lake Ontario. I often practice walking meditation on the beach with my dog. I sometimes chant the Om Mani Padme Hum (Buddhist) as I walk but I sometimes sing the Quaker hymn, Simple Gift, that I posted here.

    I feel so connected, so happy, so peaceful and so grateful when I walk and meditate on the beach. It restores me, centres me and, I'm sure, is very beneficial to my health. The presence of my dog doesn't hurt either. I haven't made it down that block more than 3 times in the past 10 months which is a great pity for both dog and I.

    I long to do a Simple Gift meditation! Of course, I have to sing very, very quietly because my singing is truly dreadful. I am have that dreadful combo of a tin ear and a love of singing.

    Oh, did I mention I have a dog?

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    I actually told one of my kids about your Keira the other day. You had written on the porch about the way she plays the piano and turns the pages of the music... forward and backwards I loved that! I also love the way you describe her chatting away and everyone chatting back even though she is not yet using real words. She sounds absolutely scrumptious!

    Peace out,
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    Which lake? What beach? I guess there are a few, huh? Probably wasn't mine. But, you describe what is just one block from me. I am so lucky!

    I think you may appreciate my very first philosophy. When I was about 3 I used to lie in the grass separating the blades with my little fingers and peering intently into the world I saw deep in the grass.

    I believed that there were three co-existing worlds. One was an enormous world which was too big for me to see and which was awesome in the true meaning of the word. Another was the tiny world I sought in the grass which was too small for me to see; the world of faeries and magic and the one I wanted to be in. The third world was the middle world where I was kinda stuck.

    My parents friends, who's last name just happened to be Flower, called me "the little philosopher."

    Ok, I must stop, I'm making all kinds of mistakes and may come to regret having let my fingers go on longer than my brain did.

    peace out and good night all