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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Spoonerpaws, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Spoonerpaws

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    I used to wake up every morning feeling like I was hit by a truck and very stiff and in pain.

    I went to an alternative doctor and now take Stress B Vitamins (B1,2,6, 12 Pantothenic Acid, Paba) and also Omega Plus (Fish Oils)

    This was a very slow process and it took about 6 months to start seeing some results.

    I don't wake up as stiff anymore, but still very fatigued.

    Also, I have been doing very light stretching exercises. It kills me to do them, but it does feel better after you are done

    Anyone else have success with these Vitamins?

  2. layinglow

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    I am so glad you are seeing good results Spooner! Always good news to hear someone is feeling better.
    I took oral B Vitamins for months on end, with no significant results. I have recently begun B12 an B Complex injections at home, and have noticed some improvement. I believe this is due to malabsorption issues I have, that the oral B Vitamins were up against.
    Fatigue, actually utter exhaustion, was one of my main goals for beginning this regime of B Vitamins....along with improvement of neuro symptoms caused by B12 deficiencies---guess time will tell. I have tried other such things as ADR but due to hypertension can't take those type of energy boosting supplements. They did give me energy though, but significant rise in BP made them unsuitable. I also take the Omegas.
    Best wishes in your quest to overcome this debilitating fatigue,
  3. klutzo

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    If you are over 30, you might try a very low dose of pregnenolone, since it raises DHEA, among other things,and I can testify to what DHEA can do for your energy level! Unfortunately, mine got too high. You need to take no more than 3 mgs. daily, and the lowest OTC dose is 10 mg., so take one every 3rd day at the most. That is what I am doing now, since I learned my lesson. Get your blood levels of estrogen, testosterone and DHEA tested after being on it awhile to make sure they are not too high.
    You could also try Enada,which is sold at the store here, but I have not tried it, so I can't comment on it.