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    October 30, 2003


    Creating a new reality is easy. See it. Think it.
    Feel it. Believe it.

    Today, I choose to focus the power of my thoughts,
    imagination, feeling, and beliefs ONLY on those things
    I desire to create, refusing to add any more energy to
    the old patterns I wish to dissolve.

    I take an even breath and allow myself to experience the Divine Spirit that dwells within me. I celebrate the gift of creation as I connect to the unlimited blessings God has
    in store for me. I affirm the power of my consciousness
    and my right to choose the realities I experience. With
    determination, I focus my attention on those things that
    I want to experience and away from those things that no
    longer serve me. I remind myself that I and I alone choose
    my thoughts, words, feelings, visions, and actions. For a
    few moments I imagine the life I desire. In my mind's eye,
    I see myself experiencing the health, prosperity, success,
    and peace I want. I combine these images with joy and let
    them go, knowing that they will create the good things I am
    visualizing and thinking.

    Amen, Danny

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    Your absolutely right. What was that post you posted awhile back about the roof top or something? (Fibrofog)
    That was a good one, I looked for it and couldn't find it.
    You are doing so well these days.
    I don't know about anyone else, but I have a really active mind and it never stops. I used to sit and try to solve all the problems I had and the ones I was sure were about to happen. I have learned to let go and let God.
    One thing that helped me, was to take a piece of paper, write on it what the problem was that was driving me nuts, wad it up and throw it in a corner. To me, that was casting my "care upon him". When I would start "thinking" or worring about that thing again, I'd see that piece of paper laying in the corner and remind myself that I had given it to God, and I wasn't going to pick it up again. People kind of thought I was a little off in the head, but it was an outward reminder of something I needed to learn and that was how to control my thoughts. I don't need to wad up the paper anymore, because I can recognize when the bad thoughts are trying to sneak back in.
    Hugs to you
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    I can't that post you mentioned either from a while back.
    Yes Takeshaa, I feel much better these days and I know most of it is the power of prayer in my life. This board and everyone heressupport and prayers. The other is staying on my meds anti-depressents this time and life seems and feelsso much better. But /i also know that the will test my faith again some day, as he does us all, thats when my constant prayer will keep that devil away. Amen. But Jesus is my saviour and I shall overcome.

    Tell me how your life has been going? How r u these days?
    Hows your husband?