Think Good Thoughts and Stay Healthy.

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    " Excessive pessimism, depression may influence path to dementia"; Geriatrics; Volume 60, No. 6; June 2005

    Braverman, E., MD; The Edge Effect; Sterling Publishing Company; New York 2004

    According to a recent article in Geriatrics, entitled "Excessive pessimism, depression may influence path to dementia". Those without psychiatric problems who score high on a personality test pessimism scale or depression scale have a 30% increased risk of dementia several decades later. Also people who score markedly high on depression and pessimism scales increase their risk to forty percent. Dementia is characterized by general decreases in intellectual abilities such as memory, language, and judgment. Victims of dementia also undergo many personality changes. However, the amount of decrease and change varies from patient to patient.

    If you are getting psychological depression then you are getting brain chemical depression. Brain chemical depression means you reduce brain output much in the same way you do when you get dementia. Dr. Braverman says in The Edge Effect, "When everyday is a good day at work, when enjoyment comes easily, and when you feel strong and healthy-it can be directly traced to a balanced brain. However, if you are feeling ill and have physical complaints, you know intuitively that something is wrong-it may be related to the mind and an overall feeling that you're not yourself. The solution is to go to the source: your brain chemistry. If your brain chemistry is unbalanced, your body will be unbalanced." Dr. Geda, a Mayo Clinic neuropsychiatrist states, "The take-home message is that really extreme pessimism is associated with later development of dementia. Looking at the positive, negative, and neutral aspect could possibly be better for the brain than becoming an 'expert' on excessive negative thinking."

    Thinking positively has a positive effect on your brain and on your health. Keep that in mind when life gets in the way and your mind starts to wander.
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    I love your attitude.have a happy day(or night)!!Linda

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