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    Well I have been thinking about it all night and I think I have come to this.

    I will be putting in my two weeks notice. I will be getting a decent check from my student loan refund in 2 weeks. It will be enough to get me caught up on things and be able to make bills for a couple months.

    I still have my job at the ambulance company and can pick up hours there whenever I want, to stay ahead.

    worse comes to worse, hubby will just have to step up and take care of his family before his wife ends up totally disabled. Won't kill him like it has been killing me.

    I have been waiting to get into the other medical ward out there but I will probably get fired for my attendance before then anyway.

    When I called my boss and told her I was sick and off on doctor's care yesterday, she sounded like she could care less, even though I sound like I am growling when I breath and had been running a temp. They don't care. She told me I had an appt with the service chief when I get back. Funny thing is, I would be stressed out about it, but I really don't care. I am all set to tell them all about themselves and how awful they treat newcomer's there.

    The only one's that get ahead where I am at are rude to the patients and cause trouble for people any chance they get.

    I have been called stupid by my manager, been blacklisted and treated like dirt for 2 months straight for something childish, watched them verbally abuse our vets, down right neglect them and I've had it.

    One of my favorite's out there has CHF. Every night he is complaining of indigestion and shortness of breath. No chest pain, but not everyone has chest pain with a heart attack. He is an amuptee and his one good leg just keep swelling more and more. I mentioned to them that I really thought he was having cardiac issues and it's not just a cold. This is exactly what I got told "you need to get off your acute medicine kick, your in the nursing home now". Unbelievable.
    I may not be a doctor, but I do know my stuff.

    On my last shift one of my fella's that has a foley catheter for urine had no output all night long. Of course I reported it to the nurse after making sure it wasn't kinked or anything. He was diaphoretic earlier, his BP was higher than usual for him and was running as small fever. I told my nurse (she is awesome) and she said she told the doctor to order a UA on him a week ago. Never happened. She reinserted his foley again and we got 1300 out of him (not at once, if you do that much at once it will bottom out their BP too fast). So who knows how long he had been laying there and no one bothered to notice the fact that he had no output.

    It's awful. I would rather put in my notice and be eligible for rehire after I get out of nursing school than get fired and blow it. I would like to stay there but it's just way to unhealthy for me to stay where I am at there.

    It breaks my heart to think that my grandfather was on that floor when he passed.

    So, any thoughts on the decision?
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    Hi Jens,

    All things considered, I think you made a wise decsion. I cannot believe all that you said that was going on there. I am an x nurse too so what you are saying makes alot of sense. If you are being treated so badly and you already have health issues it is really not a big surprise that you are always getting so sick.

    You are a smart young lady and you will get another job, better than the one you are in right now, one day when you are in better health. Hopefully it will a much more stable one than the one you are in right now. What could be more important than your health right now? I am sure you probably can use the money but what good is it if you just keep getting sick and jeapordize you job anyway plus your health even more?

    You don't need to get so sick that you can no longer take care of your children. You certainly do not need that.

    Keep us all updated and see you on the porch.

    Lots of hugs,


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    The money is nice, but like I said, all things considered, I just do not thing that's the place for me.

    I hate to leave in a way, because I am one of the few that actually gives the vet's the respect that they deserve. There are a few out there that are notorious for getting violent and verbally abusive, but they love me. I told one of them once, I said see, you aren't so bad after all, he said that's because you know how to treat a person. Made me feel good.
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    bad that you have to see what you did. It is also saddening to think that people who are there are not getting true quality care like you were trying to give and no one listens to you or them for that matter.

    I think that you are making a smart decision because the stress will just deepen not because of any physical work, but also the emotional stress that will take it's toll. Watching those around you in their condition when the people who are there to care for them don't really put them first. It is so hard to fight a battle alongside those who just don't seem to care as much as you do.
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    devious things that go on in there....

    jen yo already know my opinion, but i would still look at a different career other than a physical job of turning and picking up patients on a day end day out basis....

    atleast you have good grades and those classes w/be good for another program to enter into....

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    sounds like a really hard place to work emotionally, hard to believe people are treated that way, it's horrifying!!

    "It breaks my heart to think that my grandfather was on that floor when he passed."
    Sorry, that is very hard thing to realize, now knowing what it's like there!!
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    Good decision! When you're not able to help those who need it and you're being treated with no respect, it's time to wave bye-bye. See my icon? That's you. ;>)