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    I recently found out my GP of 7 yrs thinks FM is emotionally based. That it's an illness that hits abuse victims, and that's why so many woman get it. That would explain why he never takes any other symptom except pain seriously. He doesn't ever physically examine me. I asked for a physical after over 3 yrs, and all I got was a pap test, nothing else at all, I had to beg for a hormone panel to be done.

    So I found a new doctor to Ottawa. He's a black immigrant w/ a commonwealth accent, and his wife is a gynocologist too. I wasn't sure when I first saw him, I had a really bad experience w/ a psychiatrist I saw who was from Haiti. Haitian men have a pretty backwards culture when it comes to women, and the haitian doc was eyeballing me all over when I came in in shorts. I was so uncomfortable, I can't express it enough.

    But this man was young and shook my hand like an equal. He had a warm, lovely smile taht put me at ease, and was very direct w/ me. I thought it might have been a wasted trip, because he had a sign that said "We DO NOT perscribe narcotics here". So I addressed taht first and told him I had FM and MCS and have been on narcotics for pain control for over 10 yrs. He explained the sign was not for people w/ legitamate conditions, it ws to ward of drug seekers and he didn't think FM'ers were drug seekers. He has 10 patients w/ FM, and others w/ various chronic pain who he perscribes for.

    He actually thought I should be on continuous time released ones, he didn't like fast acting for FM. But I told him I'm very lactose intolerant and they all had lactose, I'd tried them, but it brought worse symtoms that it relieved.

    He asked if I took alot of alternative therapies. I said I did, and he knew I would be, it seems a trend w/ fibromites. He ws blunt in answering me when I asked if believed much in alternative meds, he doesn't feel most are proven enough. He's a hardliner when it cmes to medical testing, but gave me a short list of ones he does perscribe because he believes in them, like saw palmetto, St. John's, primrose and salmon oil, vit. C, echinacia.

    All in all, I really liked him. He actually gave me a physical exam, took my weight, bp, felt my glands and various places, and wanted to run some blood tests to check thyroid. I told him they always came back normal, but I'd had extensive blood/urine testing in summer and they had several abnormalities, and that my reoccuring problems were adrenals, iron and testosterone. He wants me to bring in my rx bottles to see exactly what I'm on and will perscribe for my pain issues.

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    glad too that you finally found "A better Dr"
    I hope that I am as lucky as you are.

    P.S. were you able to view my post under the headline
    "Canadians who are US citizines? I have few questions for you and was hoping I can get some answers from you.
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    I briefly talked to one in the medical bldg. It was great talking to him because he got everything I was talking about. Stays on top of the latest research too, and knew all about the right supplements and no dubiousness about them either.

    He also understood about an FMers lower pain threshold and the risk of triggering a worse flare. Chiros aren't covered here anymore at all as of last yr he said though. So first visit w/ all the tests they run is $65 and any visits after are $35 whether they are 10 mins or 45. He said FM visits tend to run longer like 45 mins. Sounded reasonable to me, cheaper than I thought actually.

    How's been helped by a chiro and how?


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