Think this won't happen to your LLMD? Think again...

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    Hi All,

    Went to my LLMD yesterday and he is pleased with how I am doing on the Ceftin and Ketek. I have had a few good days this week.

    He told me that he is coming under fire for this long term use of abx,(longer than two months). He will face some kind of review next month. I am shocked that this is happening to him. He is also. He is asking all his Lyme patients to write a one page letter about the treatment and all prior doctor and specialist that we've seen.

    I have read about this happening in other areas, but really didn't think it could happen to my doctor. Please we all have to support our doctors that put their licenses on the line to treat us. My doctor says he is prepared to fight back. He has helped thousand of patients.

    Just wanted to tell you all this. How is everyone doing today?

    Love Mindy
  2. victoria

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    it seems like they all do at one point or another. It's no surprise to me at all that as a result few doctors are willing to stick their necks out, given the political climate.

    We need to keep writing our federal reps as well as our state reps to get it recognized as well as how to treat it.

    Glad you're having some better days, Mindy! I've been pretty fatigued recently, hard to deal with facts when I'm like this...

    I tell my DH it is like having ADD, it's too hard to really concentrate but being online allows me to flit from one subject to the next, LOL... & better entertainment than TV, at least for as long as I can sit that is!

    all the best,

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    That is so wild about your lyme doctor being under review. I don't understand why they would do that to him. Maybe they are afraid of some super bug? I don't know. It makes no sense to me to let people suffer so. It isn't like he is handing out narcotics, jeez!

    I am so glad you are having some good days! I felt somewhat better today. I am kind of playing hookey from taking my meds though. I am going on a trip to Florida tomorrow and didn't want to be so sick.I'll start back on them when I get back. I am still taking the topamax for my headaches. It is helping since I had the dosage upped. Still have dreadful headaches, but not quite as bad. One good side effect is weight loss,I have lost 6-7 pounds so far, and I am not even trying. Maybe I'll get skinny. I used to be really skinny my whole life until I got sick. I do have a real bad sweet tooth though, I love doughnuts and chocolate!

    I am going to Florida to see my mom and my grandma! I am taking my daughters and my grandbabies. So my grandma will get to see her great-great grandbabies for the first time. They are 2 girls 3 and 1 years old. And she will get to see my little 2 year old girl that I have adopted. My grandma lives in Kansas and is visiting my mom in Florida. So we are running down to visit before she goes back home to Kansas. I can't say I am looking forward to the ride, but it is worth it.

    Good luck with your doctor Mindy!

    Are you taking something new Victoria? Are you more tired than usual? I have had people ask me if I have ADD before because I have trouble staying on one task at a time before, haha! It seems I have to have several things going on at any given time. Are you like that too? I just laugh and say I am multitasking, haha!

    Take Care and have a wonderful pain free weekend!

  4. victoria

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    just continuing pulsing the mino on the MP... that's enough I guess? And even tho I'm in the house during most of the day if not every day, I still think the heat has an effect. I usually feel a bit better in fall and spring, but also have notcied I go thru cycles of fatigue anyway.

    Haha, multitasking, that is a good word for starting one thing, getting distracted by something else and starting that, ad infinitum... but I like the word multitasking better than ADD.

    I am this way because of the headaches, makes it hard to think. And it does make me more fatigued as well. . . and I'm sure the antihistamines aren't helping.


  5. jarjar

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    They aren't worried about superbugs...Its all about the Money.

    Treating Lyme is very expensive and insurance companies don't like to spend money.

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    I'm NEW here.
    This is interesting reading your feelings, thots, article from Doctor etc! Me the same! I was diagnosed in April 2005 with Lyme. not fun - I don't feel well - fatigue being bad and have 5 kiddos to keep up with! the last 3 weeks - not wanting to get out of bed cause i have to feel sick! what to do....frustrated! does it ever get better? anyone out there that got like totally over the symptoms? -Glo
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