Thinkin bout college.Will I get help with money to live on?

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    I'll be 49 on the 26th.My sister is 45 and started last year. She said she goes with a girl who gets SSD and she gets all kinds of monetary help. She wants me to go and says I can do almost all online. I told her I don't want to go to many classes,crowds make me nervous and I don't concentrate as good as I used to so it takes me longer.
    Said since I have very little oncome or might have none at allI can get pell grants and loans and vocational rehab will also give me money to help out. Said they will help me get a better car to drive to school when I have to cause it's out of town for me. Also said they will help me with medical expenses. Is this all true. Will I get help so I can live while going.

    Just in case you haven't read other posts, I'm getting unemployment benefits right now and att told me to start the SSD paperwork since it takes awhile. I think my benefits will go into Jan. and then I'll have no income.What do ya think,should I go for it. I really don't know what I'd go for. Guess it will give me something to do and keep my mind busy and maybe I will find something I can do parttime. Sis said she'd help me with the classes. What would you do?

    Thanks Keke
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    First, I would ask your attorney if attending college (even on-line or part-time) would adversely affect your SSD application. It seems possible to me that they might say that a person who could go to school would not "really" be "that" disabled, and that they'd want you to get some kind of an office job. (and no, I'm not agreeing with them, just saying that they'll likely try to take this route.)

    Secondly, I would call the college financial aid office and see if the rumors of lots of financial help would be true. Remember that a lot of the financial aid available right now is in the form of loans rather than outright grants, so be sure to ask them what you might be able to expect in the form of scholarships and grants, because it sounds like they are what you really need. Any loans you take out for school would require repayment beginning right after graduation and I think they generally require complete pay-off within about 10 years.

    Maybe someone else has some recent experience in these questions who can give you clearer answers.

    Best wishes,
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    I think what Janelle says is good advise. Don't go on
    what people tell you about School Financial Aid without
    confirming things with the Financial Aid Off. of the
    School and speaking with a Counselor. See if you can fine
    the College on line and obtain as much info. available
    there before actually making an appt.

    You have plenty of time to declare a Major field of study
    as you will most likely have Gen. Ed. requirements to
    complete first. I commend you for considering to resume
    your Education. I'm a Poli Sci grad and think what a mess
    the World would be in if people like me weren't running
    this--oh-oh - what am I saying---

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    fill out a FAFSA, for aid for school. It's a governmental program,and has really helped our kids with their school. A lot of it is based on income, so you're probably in need of help. Good luck with whatever you decide. Terri
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    That sounds really good if you are going back to school-let the unemployment know and also let them know you have some limitations and disab. The labor dept. should work with you and offer let you know what kind of financial aid is available- don't wait too long to start... Also there should be aid from state for people with disab. that need to retrain for some type of different work- the labor dept should be able to help you in your state.

    Good Luck
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    I went back and completed an associate degree. P/T in the evening. There were people my age and my son attended with me, too. Half were his age, in their 20's and younger. It was great! I felt challenged and surprised myself with what I could accomplish.

    I worked p/t in home-health during the day. I am stuck with paying the loan off, but it was more important to me to do this for myself. I met people there with disabilities worse than what I had and I was encouraged by them.

    If you can, do it!
  7. 1975jet

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    Great Kelly- that gives me even more encouragement- KEKE - go for it.... You may even get an extension on your benefits to help you while you are in college... Check it out...

    Janet - Never too old to learn!!!!
  8. 69mach1

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