thinking about elisa food allergy testing,anyone

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    out there that can give me any info would be appreciated. thamks
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    I had this done recently and I am just ending the 6 week elimination phase where you avoid all the things that you have intolerances to. I was tested for 88 foods and had 22 intolerences. This has been helpful. I am now going to enter the challenge phase where each food is reintroduced back into the diet for 4 days and then removed again. This is done for each food that you have a delayed allergy to. This will show exactly what symptoms each food produces, ie: pain, digestive problems, migraines, etc. The elimination phase was difficult. Anyone who decides to do this should be sure they have the willpower to follow the elimination and challenge phases and then follow through with avoiding the things that cause trouble. I found that the hardest part has been the food rotation. Eat a food as much as you want in one day and then don't repeat it for 4 days. This is to prevent new intolerences from developing. My Dr said this happens because we tend to eat the same things frequently. I had to start eating things that I never ate before so I had more variety. You can read more at This is where my testing was done. I am doing this in conjunction with taking antiviral medication. Good luck!
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    but I wish I had any info for you on where I had it done. I don't know if others have opinions about the ELISA method for RedTex?

    I just found out that I'm overdoing it on some of the good things. I have to back off of them for a while. This was valuable for me to know.

    Hope you get more answers, and probably would be good to do a search for previous posts on food allergy testing

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    I'm interested in this too. Been trying to gain weight. My dr wants me to try the food rotation diet but it scares the heck out of me. I think I will for sure loose weight and it looks so confusing and difficult. Seems like a test would at least give you a starting point.

    Is this test the only one that works?