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    i've been DYING for a dog ever since i was little and lately it's been on my mind alot. I think the problem when u have cfs is that you're constantly consuming yourself with how you feel and googling treatments and symptoms etc. I think this would not only lift my spirits, but would really get my mind off of things that i deal w on a regular basis.

    I know it is huge huge responsibility but I think that i could handle it, and have the help of my family and boyfriend as well. I was wondering what everyones experiences with getting a new pup, or any animal was, and if you've ever regretted it or it was the best decision for you? I am really looking forward to it but want to weigh my options.

    thank you! :)
  2. babyk902

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    kjm jack russells are sooo cute! i totally agree that dogs are full of unconditional love even at your worse moments. i wouldn't even think twice about getting one if that was only only concern, they are so loving.

    jaminhealth-- i agree with you that some dogs are like an automatic migraine but i think that really has to do with the breed and the way that they are trained.

    i think what's great about my situation is that my bf has had so many dogs and is familiar with training, this lady at work that i am close with had a VERY obedient boxer who she adored and trained with the help of her husband but had to give up because her son developed an allergy to him, and i work in the animal health industry so i have a friend of mine who is a dog trainer. so luckily for me, i have the support and the knowledge right in front of me.

    was thinking of names for a GIRL puggle:
    Bentley (girl or guy)

    what do you guys think? i need help there are too many cute names!
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    I totally recommend getting a puppy. I have a yellow lab that is the love of my life. I have always had small dogs growing up and loved them so much. I never wanted to get a big dog, i always thought they were hard to take care of, dirty, barked alot, etc...., however, my 100lb dog is the most loveable, non-barking, easiest dog i have ever had to take care of.

    I come home and he is there waiting for me and so happy to see me no matter what, he doesn't talk back, he obeys every command, etc.... LOL. He is happy just to go for his walk every night and that is another reason why i love having a dog, no excuses for me not to go walk.

    He is the best companion i have ever had. The only downside to having a pet is that they don't live as long as you want them too.

    Pets are wonderful, especially if you are alone and want a companion.
  4. frickly

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    I have a blonde lab and a golden retriever. I love them both and am glad I have them but wish I would have waited until my kids were older as it was too much stress on me when they were puppies.

    Depending on your health situation I would think about the best breed and age of dog for you. You could get an older dog that is already potty trained and dosn't have any bad habits. This would make it much easier. Rather you get a puppy or an adult you should research breeds as some are very laid back and some are hyper. Some mature slow (labs) and some mature faster. Of course, small lap dogs will not need to go on as many walks and will just be happy to be with you.

    Labs are great dogs but do need an outlet for all that energy. I love Jack russels as someone mentioned above but often times they are extremely hyper (no offense meant to the jack russel owners, they are adorable and very smart).

    Good luck,
  5. cynicaldog

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    I definitely recommend getting an older dog, even if "older" just means 8+ months and housebroken and somewhat trained to living with people. It will mean you avoid the most stressful aspect of dog-ownership (puppyhood), while still having a dog who has many long years ahead of it. An older dog also has an established personality, so you can make sure you and the dog are a good match in terms of energy and companionship. Housebreaking a puppy means physical and emotional stress, not to mention the potential for lost sleep, none of which is good for an FM/CFS/ME patient. Depending on the breed, they can housebreak quite quickly (my GSD never had an accident in the house and was potty-trained at 10 weeks), or slowly (my Westie literally took 6+ months to be reliable about going outside, even using crate training).

    I run a cat sanctuary, but we have four dogs, three of which are rescues. Of the four, our terrier-mix rescue is the one I'd probably try to avoid if I had to do it again... I absolutely love her, but her high-pitched yaps can really be painful because I'm so sensitive to noise. Even the parrots don't really bother me, but the terrier barking can feel like a drill bit in my head. She's a small lapdog, but full of energy. In contrast, our shih-tzu rescue is also a lapdog but totally laid back all the time. I think every dog has a unique personality based on breed traits and individuality.

    Check out and you'll see that not only are there tens of thousands of dogs needing new homes, but lots of them are purebred (and puppies, if that's still what you're looking for). If you don't find what you want on Petfinder, do a search in Google for your city or state, the breed you want, and "rescue" or "adoption", and you might turn up some breed rescues.

    Good luck, and I know you'll find life more enjoyable with some canine companionship. We've got cats, dogs, and parrots, and I can't imagine life without them. They literally keep me going every day. Oh, I can't end this without putting in a big paws up for cats, too. I've always got one or two of them curled up beside me and they're great mood boosters. When I'm feeling anxious or just lousy, the cats are wonderful companionship, too.[This Message was Edited on 06/11/2009]
  6. fibromickster

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    I got Jack when he was 2 years old (and my kids were teenagers), which was perfect. He was already trained, so i agree with the above, better to get an older one and when your kids are older. I adopted him from the animal adoption center, which was only $40 and he was already neutered and had his shots.

    I do want to say though, my Lab, Jack, does not need an outlet for his energy. He is very happy being an inside dog and laying around. However, he does look forward to his walks, but other than that he is very calm, no jumping, barking, etc..... Definetly not hyper and most labs are like that when they are older.

    Well, good luck with whatever kind of dog you get, it will be worth it.
  7. DoveL

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    Hello there BabyK902. I would say definately get a puppy or dog! I have CFS/FMS. I don't have a dog, but do have a cat. And I have to tell you; she makes my day so much brighter, and is entertaining to watch her too! I say go for it! Animals are truely our best friends thru thick and thin. I am sure a puppy will also help keep your mind occupied, and laughing thru the day!

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide!

  8. malgal

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    sounds like you have people to lend support and help out with training advice. that is HUGE. if you are generally not bedridden, i say go for it.

    i got a puppy 2 yrs ago and it's been the best ,and sometimes hardest, thing i've done.
    on the downside: potty training was rough when wasn't i feeling well.
    also, i picked out a breed that was SUPPOSED to be a couch potato but my dog, apparently, didn't get that memo. she's was a bundle of frenetic, crazy energy and still is, 2 yrs. later.

    i feel SO guilty on days when i can't play with her a lot or take her for a walk . i have thought about giving her away so she can have more people and action in her life but can't bear to do that. i adore her and, at the very least, she IS greatly loved and gets lots of attention as i am not working.
    most every day though, we take a long walk and that has taken a toll on me and my energy levels.
    if you have others willing to pitch in when you're down you won't feel guilty and she'll be well entertained and exercised.

    also, my dog has had some health issues and needed surgery. $$$$$!
    take that into account, too, of course. has cost me, and continues to cost, more than i expected.

    on the BIGGEST upside: she is ADORABLE and cheery and makes me smile and laugh and when she licks my face first thing in the morning, it's the best!
    she doesn't actually WAKE me, either. she (THANKFULLY!) waits until i stir, then i see her tail wagging and she's all love and licks. so cute.

    overall, with the good AND bad, i'd STILL do it again.
    good luck with your new friend!
    (sounds like you're pretty sold on the idea already--ha)

  9. bigmama2

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    my 2 cents---

    i adopted a puppy- it was adorable but too hard for me to take care of. puppies are alot of work, with housetraining etc. my cfs got worse. i had no choice but to return puppy to the pound. i was beyond upset.

    i did adopt an adult dog from pound. already housebroken. he is an absolute joy and the love of my life. hes my angel. adult dogs are soooooooooo much easier than puppies.

    baby- please please consider adopting an adult (1 yr or older) dog from your local animal shelter, or on petfinderdotcom, or at a rescue group. the feeling of saving a dogs life is--- fantastic. at shelters they have purebreds and mixes. mutts can be soooooo awesome!!!!

    and it totally doesnt matter if its a boy or a girl dog. i used to think i prefered females, but my current dog and my last dog who passed away were males.

    best of luck!
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  10. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    I think it's a great idea to get a dog but I agree that a puppy is a lot of work.

    I would also encourage you to adopt an older dog no matter what the breed.

    I have done this with the two dogs I have now and there is still some training
    but very little really. They adapted well to our home and I am so glad that I did.

    We love dalmatians and we have two that are older . They
    are very loving and they take me on walks when I can.

    Good luck with whatever puppy or dog you decide to get.
    And keep us posted~ would love to know what you decide.

    I hope my post makes sense~ brain fog .

    Gentle hugs, Susan
  11. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    I was recently on the Animal Planet website and they have a quiz you can take to find out what kind of dog is best suited to your needs. It's very helpful in finding a good match to your lifestyle and abilites. I also think an older dog is a lot easier to care for than a puppy. At least one -year old and house trained would be nice.

    The breeds that were best for me included Yorkies and Daschunds. I love both of these. We lost our little doxy 3 years ago. He died of old age and we haven't had the heart to get another one. Then our 18 year old kitty died right before Christmas. I think one day we'll get another cat, but I seem to have developed some sort of allergy to cats and don't really know what kind to get. Good luck and have fun dog shopping. GB66

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I can understand the desire for a baby canine.

    I have had several dogs and cats over the years. I agree with everydobby
    that they are wonderful.

    However, I am an old man, and can remember when I was young
    more than half a century ago.

    In those days you did not have to be rich to buy a house or own a pet.
    All you needed was a steady paycheck. Even a clerk in the dime store or
    a gas station attendant could afford a house w/ a pet in it.

    Nowadays it costs $100 just to walk in door of the vet's office. My former
    secretary always has 3 or 4 dogs. Her aged, golden cocker died earlier this
    year. She was paying over $300 a month for more than a year
    to keep it alive.

    I think most of us would be willing to do that, but not too many could.

    In the 90s I got 3 Shit-tzus from a rescue society. Donated $100 per dog
    to the organization. A few months later one of the dogs had a milky-colored
    eye. The vet said he was blind in that eye and should see a surgeon
    immediately to prevent the other eye from being lost.

    Called the surgeon's office. Was advised the initial consultation was $500.
    In the event the surgeon actually did something, there would be further

    Called the lady at the rescue society. She just said, "Oh, those vets." She gave
    me a tiny tube of ointment. Cleared up the "blind" eye in two days. No
    further treatment needed.

    My sister had her puppy spayed a few months ago. Cost: almost $400. My current
    dog went to the vet and had the usual shots, flea bath and a teeth cleaning. Cost:
    over $400.

    The vet said, "Well, he's 7 now. That means he's a senior citizen." I asked for a
    senior citizen discount. The vet didn't seem to find that amusing.

    I suppose once modern medicine became too expensive for most people, the same was
    bound to happen in the world of pet medicine.

    Remember Little Orphan Annie? Sandy says, "Arf!"

  13. LadyCarol

    LadyCarol Member

    I agree with the comments already made regarding a puppy, they can be very hard work for the first few months in particular. On the other hand a rescue dog is well worth considering as the animal rescue centers can help find a dog for you that best matches your requirements & energy levels as well as the dogs requirements & energy levels.
  14. mlbbarry

    mlbbarry New Member

    Hi I think it would be terrific for you to get a dog. I have a bulldogge that is three years old, and she is my lifeline. She follows me everywhere, when I lay down to rest she is right by my side. There is no other greater companion.

    My only other thought is get a lazy one. Bulldogs are great for that, slow movers, and don't need a lot of exercise. A nice walk each day and they are pretty happy, and very loyal.

    If I were you I would stay away from labs, and any dog like them. They require a lot of work the first two years of life. Great dogs just tough on a person with an illness that drains them already.

    Good luck on you journey at finding your future best friend. Monica
  15. plh11

    plh11 New Member

    May I suggest going to the pound and getting a slightly older dog. We got one at 4 months who was already housebroken and one at 1 1/2 years old. Both were delightful and we didn't have to go through all the chewing, digging, housetraining hassles. Great companions and a good excuse for a walk.
  16. frickly

    frickly New Member

    Ok....I have the perfect dog for you. I am caring for a little lap dog that is soooooo sweet. She looks exactly like Toto from the wizard of Oz. She is not well cared for and always escaping the back yard of a house down the street. It is 10pm and they are still not home and this happens all the time. Keep in mind that the temp feels over 100 degrees here in Texas. I would keep her but already have two huge dogs. Can I mail her to you?
  17. fifthofanickel

    fifthofanickel New Member

    They love you soooooooo much as they have a good home w/their new owners. They usually have been abused & take to loving, hugging & smooching.

    We adopted a 3yr old Bichon/Poodle 3yrs ago..A male that is just the love of our lives..We needed a hair dog as we are both allergic.

    Then last yr. decided our "boy" could use a companion, so adopted a 4yr. old Shi/poo from our local shelter. And she is a doll...In fact our "boy" is a very good brother to her..He licks her eyes clean every day as shi-tzus have drainage from their eyes that make their undereyes discolored.

    They bonded so well, & look out for each other when outdoors...I strongly recommend an older dog...They are already trained & housebroken. W/our dd's to deal with, this is a good thing.
    I could never keep up w/a puppy. Ours are trained to stay in the yard off leash..We do live in the country & have a very large yard which they love to explore.

    I love the name Chloe...Ours are named Barkley & Lilybug. Good luck w/whatever you choose..If they are loving dogs, you won't regret it one bit...

  18. hdparadis

    hdparadis New Member

    are the best pets. They know that you saved them and will thank you for it with all the love they give. I would suggest a lazier type dog if you are not very active. We had a Pug when I was growing up and they are great dogs. Small but sturdy, very calm, don't need alot of exercise they really just want to be with and please their human. They are great cuddle pups.
  19. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    i have a little chihuahua and she is my best friend....she is with me all the time....everytime i leave my bedroom she follows me...she rests with me all the time! it is the nicest feeling having someone love you like that!

    we also have a big dog...a yellow lab/golden retreiver mix...we adopted him at age five...he is so sweet...and he came trained...

    here is the pros and cons of the chihuahua....

    pro's ...she is portable and can go whereever I her bag, to the clinic, the grocery store, a haircut..etc..
    she has short hair so no trips to the groomers for her!
    she has NEVER had a bath! she is so clean! if she starts to look or smell dirty, which is about twice a year! i just wipe her down with a warm washcloth...
    she doen't need to be walked...just running through the house and yard is enough for her....
    she was very easy to house break....
    her poo is very small!
    she won't eat much of her dog food, she nibbles food that i give it is cheap to feed her....

    the con's of the chihuahua.....she barks at anything that moves...
    she is very protective and goes nuts if she thinks someone is a danger to me, this is her personality, not all chi's are like this....
    she dribbles pee sometimes when certain people come around is called submission peeing....or urination...she is showing the person that they are the boss

    the big dog pro's....he is mellow and obedient....
    he is very sweet....
    he is my hubby's dog...that is a pro for me cuz i like portable dogs and he is too big to lay on my lap!

    the con's of the big dog.....

    his poop is enormous! and he pees lots and lots at a time!
    his poop really stinks!
    he sheds really bad!!! you can pull it out in tufts!
    he is a wreck when it lightnings outside! panting and freaking out...
    he has to be walked TWICE a day for up to an hour each time...thank goodness hubby likes to do that!!!
    he gets revolting gas sometimes...
    he rolls in dead things and then has to have a bath at 10pm because he does it on his before bed walk.....
    his food is expensive cuz he eats a ton! and it smells nasty...

    i love our dogs so very , very much! i can feel myself calming down when i pet them...we have two cats two...rescued from the shelter....brothers, actually....they are so sweet! they are much easier than the dogs but their litter box kills me! i hate the always smells...and it is work to dump it and clean it every other day...i can't scoop it and keep the litter cuz it stinks...i have to start with clean litter every other day so it is expensive...they also shed sooooo bad!

    the vet bills are terrible...everyone is late on their shots..

    here is my vote for you....get a rescue dog/puppy....i would get a dog that is already housetrained...yes, they are adorable when they are little but housebreaking sucks sooo bad...going out over and every hour you are standing outside begging the dog to go!

    get a mellow breed !!!! get a small dog that doesn't need to be walked or groomed...a pug maybe? i would get a teacup 2 lbs...a little handful of dog....:O) you are totally set with all the helpers you don't worry about that....

    and here are my favorite names! Scarlett....Ruby....Gia....Francis....Fannie....

    my chihuahua is named Chanel! after the perfume/designer....heehee!

    get a dog!!!you will love having a built in heating pad for your hands, your jaw and of course your heart!

  20. 2bafriend

    2bafriend New Member

    Where are you? I have an animal rescue and would be glad to help match the right dog for you and your family. It may take some time for the perfect dog... but i think it would be worth it.