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    hi everyone its been awhile sence i was here how was everyones holidays good i hope I have been thinking about going to flordia because its warm there iam in new hampshire and its very cold and it really bothers me alot the cold;;but iam not sure about flordia does anyone livethere that can help me with this how it is on your body and do you think it would be better for someone with fibromyalgia i have that and alot of other things if anyone can help me with this it would be great...
    thanks for your help ..linda
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    Good to hear from you again. I don't live in Flordia, but a lot of the other members do, that includes Mikie. I know they will be glad to share their experiences with you.

    I live in Louisiana, its sub tropical, but the humidity is terrible here in the summer, plus it is very hot. We don't have much of a winter, but it does get down to the 20's sometimes.

    HOpe you get some feedback that will help you make a decision.

    Shalom, Shirl
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