thinking about seeing dr.mazlen in NY...

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  1. skychomper

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    hi everyone,
    after seeing a docter in NJ who is on the good docter list, I wasn't really happy with what he had to offer, I am thinking about seeing dr. mazlen in ny. He offers some of the tests I wanted as a preliminary matter of course. (after learning from you all on this site)
    the natural killer cell assay, HHV6, and also offers testing for mycoplasma.

    Has anyone been to see him? or any suggestions? I guess I should just keep following my leads, I just seem to give up on docters after a certain point. I've been feeling better though- with OLE and just keeping my thoughts constructive.
    thanks for your help, I need some advice...

  2. sharie

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    Just wanted to say hello. I live in NJ and am currently traveling 2 hours to long island for my rhuemy. I am always keeping my ears out for new drs, since I haven't found the one yet more local to me. What part of nj did you see the last dr in? I have an appt coming up at St barnibas(sp) in west orange with a rheum. Please let me know if you do see this dr.
  3. ZosoLight

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    Hi Skychopper,

    I saw Dr. mazlen for CFS/FMS in 2001. The initial visit costs $1000.00 not including tests. He spent about 3 hours with me.

    He found some problems I had that other doctors missed.
    He wanted to put me on antibiotics for my mycoplasms but I didn't do it because I am afraid that they cause more problems than they cure (see Majid Ali's site. He wrote "The Canary and Chronic fatique Syndrome" and other books.)

    He is at the top of the field in CFS and he even has a radio show in NY and a website.

    I saw Mazlin to document my illness for my disability claim.

  4. skychomper

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    hi zosolight and dave
    thanks so much for your help! it sounds like I should follow up, and glad to hear that he helped you learn more about what was going on...thanks for sharing your experience with me!

    for sharie,
    I saw an immunologist in river edge, NJ. wishing you luck in docterland also...