Thinking about trying a Cymbalta study- have Questions?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hurts2003, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. hurts2003

    hurts2003 New Member

    I haven't posted in quite a while now. I'll had FM for about 6 or 7 years now. I'm thinking about doing a 58 week trial study on Cymbalta. What scares me is that I won't be able to take any other meds except for tylenol or Ibufrophen while on this study. I don't take much pain meds now (only when I absolutly can't stand it). Can anyone give me any info or advise on this drug? How has it done for you? What are the side effects you've experienced? I'm currently on Effexor XR 225 mg in AM and Trazadone 125 mg at PM. At first this seemed to do pretty good, but now it's not really working.
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  2. rigby

    rigby New Member

    I'm not on any study but I have been taking 60mg for 6 months now for depression has help but not with the pain. Hope this helps.
  3. PotomacG

    PotomacG New Member

    I too have been on 60mg of Cymbalta for about 6 months. It has helped with my nerve pain at least as well or better than Neurontin (without the fog head). Side affects seem to subside after several weeks. They included:

    Loss of appetite. (I wish this one had stayed).
    Trouble urinating.
    Loss of Sex drive.

    My mood hasen't changed (as I was not depressed when I started taking it.)

    Good luck if you try the study.

  4. hurts2003

    hurts2003 New Member

    Thanks for the replies so for. Please keep them coming. How bad were the side effects as for as wieght gain or lose and the sexual side effects. Which I have very little sex drive as it is with the effexor anyway.
  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i started out at 20 mgs. then i was losing some weight, then up to 30, jerking of arms and legs, then up to 60 mgs, i was moving worse legs would not stop moving at night arms flailing all over couldn't sleep, no pain relief for me, but i hve fibro, bulding discs, bad shoulders had surgery in both, bad ankles whick caused bad feet arthritis looking at surgery for my feet, i got shingles in 2/05. well as for deprssion it made it worse i believe i can't really tell much if it helped at all. did really help for anxiety and i would take it in the moring at about 7:L30 am and would be sleeping until noon -2:30 pm. would nod off and this is whild i was jerking like a maniac. so doctor has me on 20 mgs. and i'm very depressed. so i need to talk to him about it. i am highly sensitive to meds or allergic reactions wound up in urgent care because of that in june, different med though.

    but some people are having great results. it doesn't sound like your in as much pain as myself so maybe this will give you some relief.

    weight gain yes about 30 lbvs in 4 months. but i have not been able to exercise at all because of my above reasons. trying to get motivated to endure the pain. i hurt just to walk.

    good luck,

  6. LakeErie

    LakeErie New Member

    I was on Effexor 300 mg and Trazadone 300 mg. I switched overnight to 60 mg Cymbalta and kept the Trazadone. No problems at all.

    I did not get the additional pain relief I was looking for.

    Good luck

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