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    I was working my way further through the self-help book I've been reading. It said to review the choices I've made in difficult situations, and then to rate how successful my choices were. That really got me thinking about whose definition of success I should go by. When facing a prejudiced doctor when I'm seriously ill, should I rate my success by whether I convinced that person to believe me? Should I rate my success by whether I gave in and went along with the "in" crowd? (The "in" crowd in this situation didn't think CFS was real, and didn't believe I was seriously ill.) What I did in the end, was to think of myself standing before Jesus one day. What would He consider to be success in the end? He would want me to be honest, and to tell the truth. Even when that truth makes people angrier at me. I was thinking about what Jesus would do. Sometimes he kept his mouth shut. Sometimes he told them bluntly, and sometimes he told parables. He didn't convince everyone to believe him, even when his life was at stake. I take comfort in the fact that Jesus knows what it's like not to be able to convince others to believe the truth, even when it could mean being harmed. He could have called down angels to convince everyone, but he didn't. I can't do anything other than explain things the best I can, offer the evidence I have, if they are willing to hear, and then take the consequences of whether or not they choose to hear.