Thinking of filing for disability.....

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by mom2many, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. mom2many

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    DH said I want get much because I haven't put much into SS. I can't seam to find much into online, can any one help me.
    Is DH right?
    I have MCS, FM and most likely CFS also, I also have 7 kids all under the age of 12.
  2. budmickl

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    Have you looked at the Social Security web page?

    Also, the government sends out a notice to you 3 months prior to your birthday with all your social security information detailed in it, including what you would receive monthly if you were awarded disability,

    I know you have to jump through hoops to even file the first time, let alone go through a review process. But it is worth it in the end.

  3. daylight

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    it's great .
    I had to copy it to read it adn it's 22 pages long.
    Ignore the top part about ciirosis . This covers severe illnesses.

    Hope this helps

  4. mom2many

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    Thank you both, I'll look at those pages.