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    Currenty my fiance and I live in an apartment in Wisconsin. We are looking into buying a home, but because of my fibro we do not want to stay in the midwest. For various reasons we're looking into Tucson. If anybody from this board lives there I'd very much appreciate some personal perspective of the city.

    Also we are looking only in the safest areas possible. We've had quite a bit of trouble in our little 'safe' neighborhood lately so if we do indeed move we'd love a sense of safety in our new home. We're getting a bit tired of locking all 5 doors the second we walk inside, jumping at every little noise, and hearing sirens most of the night. lol. So also along with some personal perspective of Tucson we'd really be greatful to know names/areas of the safer parts of the community.

    And of course I'd love to hear from anybody from AZ that has found a bit of success with the weather, or even sway us away from Tucson to another city. hehehe ;) Thanks! ~Miah~
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    you might get better respose
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    Just put Arizona in the message search & you'll find that it was just recently discussed in the past week. Alot of people live there & are happy with the decision.

    One bit of advice from someone that has moved across the country twice in the past year. Look into the job situation first. The job situation in Florida & now here in northwest Washington state are bleak. So, just give that a look.

    The weather here is very condusive to fibro though, but not employment. dolsgirl
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    its a great place..i wished i still lived there..but anyway the weather and scenery are the best parts about is usually very hot in the summer but very dry also so it doenst feel all that bad..winters are nice and mild..if u prefer a cooler climate u can move a little higher up in elevation to the catalina mountains..the catalinas are about 10 miles away from tucson..neighborhoods in the catalinas are very safe but can be rather expensive..if i moved back the catalinas would be my choice..also there are a few good cfs/fms clinics in tucson that i can think of off hand..if u have anymore questions let me know..
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    Not Tucson, Metro Phoenix in Glendale. We moved here in 1997 from Alaska and love it. It is hot for about 3-4 months of the year and perfect for the rest of the year. It is very dry. Tucson is about 10 degrees cooler than Phoenix. A couple of observations on Tucson.
    1. Not as much work as Phoenix but growing so there is work.
    2. Not as big as Phoenix metro but not as much to do.

    Arizona is a wonderful state and has a very diverse culture. You can drive 100 miles in any direction and be in a different type of environment. Did you know that you can be on the slopes skiing or go deep sea fishing in Mexico? Just depends on which way you go. I am a great ambassador for the state. We spend weekends traveling around checking out little out of the way places and different festivals. There is always something going on. I was totally suprised by how much of Arizona is agriculture. Most of the country's lettuce is grown in Yuma and they have the best oranges here. Well, I guess you can tell how I feel.

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    Hello--let me know if you are still here and I will tell you about my move to Tucson 6 months ago.
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    Hi, i live in a the small community of Globe, AZ. I love it here. It is not quite as hot as Tucson. The mountains are right up behind us within a 20-30 minute drive. My sons live in Tucson and just moved to the east side wchich is the best side of town, I hear. They love it there. My Fibro dr. is also in Tucson. He's great. Try the link below and you can find out more about Tucson. Good Luck.........
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    hi--i moved to tucson 6 months ago, and i also live on the east side.
    how far do you live from tucson?
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    when I look up air quality of the cities listed in AZ it is awful with the exception of Sedona and who can afford that? I grew up around LA and everytime I go there I get sick from the smog.

    Any one have anyidea about air quality in small towns