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    and praying for all here.

    just wanted to give a shout out to all.

    God Bless
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    I'm back home after having a wonderful stay at my cousins. It was like being at a health resort - it is so beautiful there - on 2&1/2 acres of trees and landscaping, all their own property. The silence was thick and unbelievably healing. It was the first time in years that I didn't have to use ear-plugs. And my cousin cooked for me - all healthy organic foods, and some veggie juicing.

    Her daughters both work in a yoga studio - one teaching yoga, the other managing the studio. The one who teaches, within minutes of talking to me, was telling me about Restorative Yoga, where you stay in different lying down positions. If in a class - the trainer will move you. I had heard of it before, but had no idea how to go about it. She gave me a book to work with, and she will find me a class if I decide to do that.

    I feel so happy being involved with yoga again! And I also noticed how much better I felt at their house. No dizziness, labored breathing, headaches, no pain from muscle inflammation, more energy. One day I talked and listened to my cousin for 2-3 hours, and then her daughter for another 2 hours - which would usually send me into a relapse, and I was fine the next day. Besides being so delighted to be connected with them again; and having so much love and care lavished on me.

    They were horrified when I told them about the mold that forms in our bathtub after only 2 days, no matter how many fans, etc. we put on it. And how high my mold tests have been, being on meds for mold, etc. After the flooding i know the mold will be much, much worse here - in our basement/crawl space, underneath our wooden floor in the porch room that was flooded, etc. etc.

    So now I am convinced that no matter how much I love this neighborhood, it won't be safe to stay long-term.

    The rivers overflowed again in some areas a second time. It is still so hard to take in the magnitude of all this. So many entire towns flooded, a city covered completely - over the highest top of their bridges. All places I have known my entire life. As soon as we got onto the highway leaving my cousin's house to come home, the smell was horrible from so much standing water in parking lots, shopping areas, homes.

    There was still water back in our woods that didn't go down for 2 days after I came home. The smell was so bad that I still haven't opened my windows. Although some good, sunny days started disinfecting everything. Today it is raining again - but lightly. My husband said he's trying not to be anxious every time it rains. He stayed behind to keep clearing out everything damaged, searching for a car, etc.

    He just suddenly got severe chills, and a high fever a few days ago, and I was so worried about bacterial infections. I kept monitoring his temp. and everything to see if he needed to go to the hospital. But the high fever broke, and lowered and after a few days of being bedridden he is now better. What a relief!!!

    Now I have to get my strength back. I am so exhausted from everything - have only had the strength to eat one meal a day. Will rest, rest, rest until I get replenished again. Thank you everyone for your prayers and healing thoughts! I have received so much goodness through this difficult time.

    Love, Judy

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    Judy - how lovely to hear that you had that wonderful time at
    your cousins. they seem like such good people. and involved with
    yoga! the area sounded so beautiful!

    i wish the area around NJ will be restored to normalcy soon.
    All that water! and some states in US bnot getting any.

    I am praying and praying you are provided with a different
    living arrangement in just the kind of house you like and
    just the kind of environment you want and love.
    Is your dear DH better. What a wonderful person
    he sounds like.

    Rain - Praying for you too, your dear DHs health and
    for the right thing to be done as regards your moving.
    May it still be in the area and environment you would
    love and where you can nurture other living creatures
    as you have been doing so far.

    God BLess

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    Rainbow - Hi! It's so good to hear from you again!

    I'm so sorry that the fracking will be so close to your house - I didn't realize it was right in your area. It's so disturbing, to say the least. I have to look up more about it - for instance what chemicals would be the most harmful.

    I was happy to read somewhere that you were piling up your mulch to take with you:) You'll make things grow, wherever you are. And look at the stars, and save fallen birds. I remember how important the mulch was - years ago I grew organic vegetables, and loved cooking with them. Tomatoes, eggplant, italian Peppers - my dog would mosy by and chew on a string bean. The soil in our area was built up to a dark, crumbly, almost black color. With lots of earthworms. I'm so glad that I had that experience of hands in the soil.

    Well, things are slowly being put back together here. Yesterday there was a delicious smell of good healthy earth again, after many days of sun, and then some rain. Trying not to get nervous at seeing we will have a rainy week. We're still monitoring the rivers, but no worries so far.

    We had no heat during a week of getting down to the 40's at night. Pulled out all the winter blankets, and all my warmest fleeces. This week is easier because it's almost back to summer weather again. I've felt so out of tune with the seasons, the familiar enjoyment of birds, tree-light, autumn coming. Just was so uprooted, and then the question, will we still be living here.

    I'm just slowly putting down thread-thin roots - listening to the crows bickering. Looking at the gold-yellow of the first leaves changing. Unpacking.

    Our whole woods in the back still has wet leaves from the contaminated water from the flood. One of my highest allergies. The garage had 3' of water in it, and that was a major storage place - so everything has to go.

    Jamin - thank you for your concern about the mold. Yep - a definite worry. Yet - there have been so many towns around us with severe flooding - I wouldn't even know where a safe place would be. We'll have to have the place inspected if we move.

    Springwater - I was sharing your pranic healing with one of my second cousins. She teaches yoga, and has a true healer's passion for learning. Very interested in energy healing, and is going to give me a book on learning about and healing the chakras. Right now I'm studying about Restorative Yoga - for ill people. It feels wonderful to know that I can do this. I haven't found any other exercise that doesn't cause muscle inflammation and pain. It feels like an adventure.

    All my happiness at being re-united with my family is represented by this beautiful scarf that they gave me - in blues, greens and gold, made from vintage saris that are sewn together, then twisted into a crinkly texture. I feel like I'm wearing butterflies!!!

    Keeping you all in my prayers!
    Love, Judy
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    Doz - Read your prayer request, and will pray for all the complexity you're going through. I haven't forgotten! Going to look up that diagnosis you received. I'm thanking Jesus for his perfect love for you!!! I know you will understand that prayer. Even though it can sound strange and paradoxical when we're hurting so badly. Trusting in who He is. So sorry for this long, extreme pain - it must be horrible. Sending my love too along with my prayers.

    Granni - Oh, the photos of Texas are so shocking - the level of this extreme drought. Praying for you, and for rain for Texas. I know some areas had some, but not nearly enough! Joining in with all those who are praying.

    Love to you both,
  6. springwater

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    Good to hear things are slowly coming back to normal.

    That scarf of yours sounded so pretty. I can just imagine it.

    Myheaing is comng along, Judy. I know themore i practise the
    better i wll get.

    it is a little taxing in the sense that when one heals one draws
    out diseased energy and it is easy to get contaminated so
    we have to come back and have a bath to get rid of any
    particles which might be sticking to our aura or skin or we
    have inhaled.

    the wonderful thing is i did not get stricken down as i was
    afraid i would. touch wood. i dont hav too healthy a constitution
    myself so i was afraid.

    i gave a healing which was very effective or so the lady incharge
    said when her leg pains due to cramps lifted immediately.

    also another lady who is come for treating anger and irritation
    reports she is feeling much more relaxed and lighter altho her
    leg pains are still bothering her, i found out she has varicose
    veins which are swollen.

    so these things are encouraging and i look forward to practising.
    some rather funny things like when i give healing to my hair
    and it becomes 75 percernt easier to comb, and my daughter
    giving herself healing for constipation and having bowel movements
    thrice that day after three days of not going, reinforces my belief.

    Im sure you will find your practise very beneficial Judy. Keep up
    with it.

    God Bless All of You
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    Just wanted to let you all know it is finally faining this afternoon. it wasn't a long rain but a nice one. We need SSOOO much around here and other areas in TX.

    Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts. I've been reading some of your posts. So interesting.

    SW - thanks for trying to heal my hair :)!!! as well as my aching body:)!! It is so is interesting and I know yoga would be a good thing too.

    I'd like to drop a note to all but didn't connect with the thread so I can't remember who all said what. What a brain !!

    Just wanted to pop in and check this board and I remembered my last post was about lack of rain. Wall ah and here is the rain but I think it has lessened a lot right now. Oh well, we have to take what we can get !

    Jam - Sorry to hear your bottom is causing problems for your enjoyment of sitting down for hours and playing Bridge. Hope you will be feeling better soon and so can enjoy the game again. Serious bridge players would not want me at their table (he he) !

    Blessings to all,
  8. windblade

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    Spring - how did your daughter learn so quickly about doing pranic self-healing? It's so good to have laughter and humor woven into it all - a healer in itself. I get now an online-magazine on energy-healing! It is from a place that I found right before the hurricane here. And now I can finally settle down into my life and interests again. Yesterday felt so blissful as I picked up the rhythms of feeling truly settled into my home again.

    Then today I found a wonderful audio on energy healing by 8 different practitioners. I am feeling closer to learning, and working with my own healing and strengthening. It's in a large part due to what you and Rainbow have shared here over the years.

    Granni - it's good to hear that you received some rain! But I know there is need for so very much more. I am keeping in prayer for Texas, along with everyone here and throughout the country who are praying for rain. It's always wonderful to have you pop in here!

    Cynthia - wondering if you've received more information, or made any decisions on how to proceed with your medical choices. Praying for your pain, and insight, guidance from God on what to do. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I'm just plain and simply asking for help for you.

    Love to everyone,