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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dahopper, May 30, 2008.

  1. dahopper

    dahopper New Member

    Hi guys....I have not posted in so long been very busy and just alot of things going on but I have a question for all of you. I have been going to the FFC clinic now in Dallas almost two years and have seen so much improvement but still have some bad days even at times bad weeks with pain and fatigue. My doctor has me up to 150 mc. of Tyroid and my hair is slowly but surely getting thinner and thinner. Do any of you recall this being talked about being a normal side effect? I am getting really worried. I have always had pretty hair and now I'm losing it. He is even considering taking me higher he said it could be caused from not being on my perfect dose yet. Anyone that can shine a light on this matter for me would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.....Debbie
  2. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    Biotin is a coenzyme needed for hair. Manganese is required to activate Biotin. A little hair loss =a slight Manganese deficiency. A big Manganese deficiency=Alopecia.
  3. Babs41

    Babs41 New Member

    hey good to hear from you :} The same thing has been happening to me. The front of my hair is kind of getting clumpy as well has rapid heart beat,climbing blood pressure, shakiness and headaches.

    I just had my bloodwork done because I suspect my thyroid is going hyper and meds need adjusted. I'll let you know what the results are. Have you had your levels checked recently?

    I am in the middle of getting ready to move to Arizona but will let you know as soon as possible.

  4. dahopper

    dahopper New Member

    So are you suggesting a supplement....I'm sorry your reply went right over my blonde head :-( LOL But I am taking a supplement called follicle stim with the biotin you are talking about but your saying it meeds manganese to make it work?
  5. dahopper

    dahopper New Member

    Been wondering about you!!!! Yes I was in Destin Florida a couple of weeks ago and went to a Quest Lab there at Niceville to get blood work done for mt tyroid my doctor called in the orders to them....I have not got any results back yet tho. I really cant say I have much of a rapid heart beat going on tho. What dose are you on from ITC ?
  6. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    Yes, Manganese is required to activate Biotin. And Manganese is required for a bunch of other processes in the body.
  7. steach

    steach Member

    I, too, was experiencing the same problem. I found out that I have hypothyroidism. I purchased a book which was recommended by someone here on the board. I loaned it to someone and have never gotten it back. It was written by a doctor and a nurse, maybe his wife. It explains that standard thyroid tests are not an accurate measurement of TSH levels. Additional advanced thyroid (TSH) tests must be done to get an over-all accurate number. Also, certain medications do not work for everyone. If I remember correctly, I think there is an armor thyroid replacement medication in addition to traditional medications like synthroid/levothyroxin, etc.

    Some medications can have a side-effect of hair loss/thinning. Oh, I wish I had the names of the authors of the book or the name of the book. Maybe you could post a request for names of authors or titles. Sorry this isn't very much help. But ask your doctor for advanced tests for your thyroid.


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