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    Want to thank you all for your comforting words and all the insightful information on this sight.It has been a God Sent to me these last few days.

    Woke up this morning could hardly walk to the bathroom. I hate waking up anymore.Thats pretty bad for a person that spent 20 yrs in the sales business. I'm a pretty positive person most of the time .Today was and still is very bad.Usually by the time I take my morning meds and have been up for about an hour I start to feel better ,but not today.I have been sitting here looking up things on the computer ,thats all the energy that I have. I did'nt want tospend it laying in bed .Here I at least feel conected to the outside world.

    A few months ago I started painting my house. I love to paint and I'm very good at it . I've painted for others and have gotten paid for it,but not anymore. I feel very lucky to be able to paint my house"rooms inside"A few years ago I would have never attempted such a thing.I started in Oct and now have 2 room completely finshed and working on finishing the 3rd.So I guess I'm not doing to bad.But today I'm not doing anything.

    I've read some post here where some of you can't even get up or can barely sit up and my heart goes out to you .Your still trying and thats wonderful after all you've been through. I sold my house 8 yrs ago and when I frist moved onto this mobile home all I could do is sit in a chair and it had to be a special one at that. But with good Doctors and just plain perseverence it's gotten better.I really did'nt want to sell my house but when my ex left I could,nt work and I could'nt take care of a house with a upstairs and the laundry room in the basement.I had no money and if it had'nt been for the help I had to move I'd probably still be sitting over there in the drive way LOL.

    It's so important that you keep going to the Doctor's until you find one that will work with you . I think thats the one thing that really helped.I had Polio when I was young and so myex took me to see the guy that wrote the book on PPS,because thats what I thought I had. well he was a jerk, More or less told me that it was all in my head.just kept going until I found the ones that would listen and help .

    I have RA.andFM.and a bunch of other problems Narrowing of the spine, neuropathy, 2 back between the back surgeries I acquired Bells Palsey,For those who don't know what that is ,it's when the right side of your face becomes paralysied because the 7th carial nerve in your brain becomes blocked and won't let the messages from your brain get through. It's as common as the cold they told me, I'd never heard of it before. I think that has been the most horrible thing I've had to endure since my ex left.

    I guess I'm sharing this to let others know that it can get better. There are people that do understand and they are the roses in the bunched of thorns we live in.Most of my friends tell me that I'm an inspiration to them.I don't really understand how that is ,most of the time I'm a very needy person. But if it helps them to do be more than than they thought they could do , then so be it.