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    is for all matters of worship and spirituality. that would include peoples religious beliefs and non-beliefs etc. there are many, many, many different religions in this world, and in the united states. also some people are questioning and trying to figure things out.

    why do some of you continue to think this board is (or was created to be) (or even should be) a christian-only worship board????? seriously???!!!! can someone please explain this to me???

    that type of mentality reinforces stereotypes of christians being intolerant. I am glad there are some christians here who are tolerant. of course i am also glad for people of any faith who are tolerant!

    for those who want to communicate ONLY with others who share their beliefs - then you should only join a religion specific board. example- if a christian only wants to talk w other christians they should join a christian based board. or a buddist join a buddist board. etc etc.

    many of us here are comfortable meeting and posting and discussing and getting to know people of many different beliefs. i am. being comfortable hearing other opinions, and getting along with people who have a different viewpoint than your own, should be a positive thing.

    ps- i swear i have posted this exact same sentiment like 10 times already!!!!!!!! argh![This Message was Edited on 04/10/2009]
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    I think most on this board are really trying to be tolerant. Yes,other viewpoints are welcome. However,when those viewpoints are directed towards a particular faith in a negative and degrading manner,then I should think it's perfectly acceptable for those of that faith to defend it and speak out. I don't think tolerance should include having to sit back and let comments fly with impunity. Jeanne
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    You also crack me up!!

    There is no conspiracy. I know change is hard but I do not think any one is trying to recruit people to believe what they believe in. There is no reason for anyone to leave the board.

    I would never go on a Christian post and post something offensive, unless the post was intended as a debate. What other people believe is none of my business.

    Even though I am an atheist, I find religion fascinating. If I post something about how the Bible can be interpreted many different ways and the different theories of the Bible's origins, it does not mean I am making fun of the Bible. I like to hear and think about all perspectives.

    If someone says that nonbelievers are the devil's work, I do not get offended. If someone chooses to believe in literal translation of the Bible, I do not get offended. Unless someone makes a personal attack or posting something morally offensive, I think most of us can discern what a post is about and ignore it.

    While I do not believe that Jesus is the son of God, I do believe that his teachings of tolerance, judge not, turn the other cheek, and acceptance are tenets we can all adhere to whatever our belief.

    This is the Jesus I believe in; The Prince of Peace.This is the Jesus I will honor this weekend.


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    kina - very wise words. you are right that there is a huge difference between saying "i dont believe in god". or saying "there is no god." i was just thinking about that a lil earlier. i can see how that could feel hurtful to a believer. even if the atheist was not trying to be hurtful, and was just expressing their opinion/truth/belief.

    but then i thought more and said wait a min- if believers can freely say things like " Lord God is the only truth, Jesus is the only way to heaven, etc etc" instead of "I believe that God is the only truth, and Jesus is the only way to heaven" then why cant non believers just say "there is no god." they are only speaking their truth when they say that. it's like believers get preferential treatment because they are in the majority. and in my opinion that isnt fair.

    this all gets very confusing!

    sorry about your insomnia kina. i had horrific insomnia for yeaaaars. ambien is my miracle. and also improving my circadian rhythm thru adrenal glandular treatments.

    bigmama2[This Message was Edited on 04/10/2009]
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    glad to crack you up, too! my pleasure, m'aam.

    i also find religion fascinating. for me the most fascinating part is- why do some believe in god and some (like me, obviously) do not. and for the believers, why do they pick a certain religion over others. i have some theories about all this, especially the part about why some believe and some dont. i bet you do too!

    i think people have the right to believe whatever they want. but certain things do offend me. like when someone says nonbelievers are of the devil/or evil etc. that certainly offends me. noone who knows me in real life would ever think i was "evil". i rescue dogs from the pound, try to help family and friends when they are down, i hold the door open for old people, and all that crap.

    i am very sensitive about prejudice against atheists/agnostics. i am also very sensitive about religion being forced upon people. that was done to me my whole life. and i didnt enjoy it. no, not so much.

    enjoy the weekend!

  6. Mikie

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    I would hope this is a safe place for people to discuss spirituality or religion without judgement or being offensive, or offended. This space was created because so many people integrate their religious/spiritual beliefs into their efforts to heal. The problem was that messages of this type were clogging up the FMS/CFIDS Board to the point that people who wanted only illness-related info were getting lost in other posts. The whole idea was to create a safe space where we could post about our religious and spiritual beliefs and free up the other board for those who do not wish to post or read religious/spiritual posts.

    The rules here are the same as on the other boards. We are to respect others and their beliefs. We can freely discuss matters as long as we keep it civil. It's really pretty simple when one thinks about it. It's called, "The Gold Rule," "Karma," or "Do unto others..." Regardless of our spiritual/religious orientation, we are all brothers and sisters from the One Source. How we wish to practice our beliefs may differ but we have more in common than differences.

    Love, peace, and goodwill feel good. Rancor, judgement, and arguing do not.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have been thinking and mulling over what you said in your last post.

    I don't think I made myself clear, which has absolutely never happened to me before, LOL!

    What I was saying is that if I see people on other posts saying that nonbelievers are the work of the devil, it does not bother me as long as it is not interrupting someone else's post which is going in a different direction or speaking specifically about people in a disrespectful manner.

    I think some people have a hard time grasping this as someone said above. Discussing a subject is not necessarily a putdown on others.

    Well, that muddied up things, eh?

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    No one is saying any of you are evil....God does not make people evil. Good or evil is a choice people make! There is a difference between being self-less for the benefit of God and others, or being self-ish and believing totally in self and what "feels right" at the moment.

    To me, the "self only" is what leads to evil, for we are called to do for others. My opinion....and Gods. Have a great Easter, everyone***Jole***
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    Hi All,

    I heard a story once that may have some relevance here on this thread. Some researchers were trying to determine what qualities helped POWs survive their experiences during the Vietnam War. As I remember, they were interested in those that not only survived, but were able to thrive once their ordeal was over.

    Two separate stories illustrate some interesting dynamics. In the first story, a soldier described with great conviction how he totally trusted in his Christian faith, and firmly believed that Jesus would and did help him through his ordeals. A second soldier had no religious faith at all, but had absolute conviction in his own ability to do whatever it might take to make it through those trying times.

    So what's the common ground? From my perspective, it appears to be belief and conviction. In the first case, that belief and conviction was in his religion. In the second case, the soldier believed he had the resources within himself to persevere.

    Just my take: I personally believe that life (and Soul) exists because there is a spiritual current flowing through it. Some people look at this current as being outside of themselves; others look (whether consciously or subconsciously) within themselves. Is there really necessarily a big difference in the two different approaches? I think not.

    I think people should exercise good judgment and determine which (if either) approach works best for them. And it's always nice if they are able to do so without undue critiques from those who might choose differently.

    Regards, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 04/12/2009]
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    Hi SJ,

    I have to tell you, I got a good chuckle out of your assertion that you """DON'T need to be readjusted.""" Thankfully, I am mostly unburdened in this lifetime with feeling a need to readjust anybody, except perhaps myself when circumstances warrant it. Which is not an infrequent event. :)

    I wasn't quite sure about your beliefs when animals or humans die. Do you believe the life force is withdrawn from just the physical body, which results in death (or translation)? Or do you believe this life force is also withdrawn from Soul? Which might possibly mean the demise of Soul as well?

    RE: """If the core belief is different, that's okay, as you can still learn how to cope, you can still offer support to another who needs it and be true to your own values."""

    I couldn't agree with you more on this. I think it is such an important thing to keep in mind as we post here on this board. When we find ourselves with such severe limitations with our health challenges, it is good to remember that we can always offer support for others who may be going through their own rough spells. I created a post once which I feel illustrates this very point. I think I'll paste at the end in case you or anybody would be interested in reading it.

    Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate also that you seem to express an openness, tolerance, and curiosity toward new ideas and perspectives. I think it shows how well grounded and comfortable you are in your own beliefs that you don't feel at all threatened by belief systems different than your own.

    I might just mention one last point. This "spiritual current" I mentioned earlier. I actually view this term as synonymous with other words that represent Divine Spirit, such as Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, The Word, and many others. It is also sometimes referred to as the Sound Current, because it is audible and can be heard with our inner hearing. It is sometimes referred to as the "Music of the Spheres".

    Anyway, I believe that everybody has a relationship with this Divine Spirit, whether we realize it or not. I believe is such a familiar part of who we are that we often don't even make a differentiation between ourselves and this Spirit. So often the nudges, gut feelings, and other "good ideas" we experience are actually Divine sent. I believe these nudges also encourage us to seek out certain religions or spiritual orientations. And I believe that we are all encouraged in ways that are to our ultimate benefit, and will be different for each of us. I'm not sure if this is clear.

    I guess I'm trying to convey that Spirit likely never intended for all of us to follow one particular faith or religion. Where some religions will be extremely beneficial for some, I suspect they can actually be quite detrimental to others. This is why it appears (from my take) to be against the spiritual law to try to unduly influence another person's spiritual orientation (at least not without their permission). But whatever path we choose at any given time, I do believe we are all on a common spiritual journey, one that leads us all to our eventual destiny of achieving Spiritual Freedom.

    Well, I guess I'll close for tonight. Was great to get your reply earlier today. Hi Rainbow, Hi Mikie, always good to hear from both of you. :)

    Warm Regards, Wayne


    The following story is a clip from a previous post of mine: .................

    A young man in Africa was down on his luck. Very down. He had lost his job, his wife left him, and he had lost his home as well. And he was broke.

    He was meandering down a road one night, feeling the blues (understandable). Before long, he came across a young woman with three children who seemed to be on their own and in somewhat desperate straights themselves. I can't remember if they asked him for assistance, but in his desolation, he didn't feel that he had anything to offer them anyway.

    As he started to walk away, he got a strong sense he needed to at least check on them to see what their situation might be. Turns out, the woman's husband had gone to America to look for work and had not been in touch since leaving (a number of weeks had gone by).

    So the young man asked the woman if she had any kind of information that might be helpful in being able to locate her husband. She managed to come up with a telephone number, but she had not been able to try to use it because of her own difficult circumstances. So the young man took the family and the telephone number and went to a nearby house to see if he might be able to somehow contact the woman's husband in America.

    A man at the house had a cell phone, and offered to let them use it to see if they could make contact. Miraculously, they were able to get through and almost by accident managed to contact the husband at that very moment. The woman was able to talk with her husband who had indeed gotten work, had some money, and had been trying desperately to get hold of his family. Arrangements were made to bring the family together again.

    As they were saying their goodbyes, one of the children came up to the young man with the brightest smile and told him a very interesting thing. He knew when he first saw the young man go by that he would come back, because that was exactly what he had seen in his dreams the night before!

    ***** I think about this story often when I am feeling quite ill and unable to do very much for others. What I have learned from that story and from my own experience, is that no matter what our circumstances may be, there is ALWAYS something we have to offer. It may be the most important lesson I learned from all my health challenges. --- Wayne[This Message was Edited on 04/13/2009]
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    Thanks so much for expressing your feelings about the board. I think everyone here understands the strife you are describing. You have gotten many posts in response, all saying to me almost the same thing. This is a work in progress, it's not perfect and never will be but it certainly meets the needs of many members.

    I felt so much better about where I was spiritually after talking to you last week. I felt much less alone. If our views weren't accepted we wouldn't have been able to share those thoughts.

    I can see so much soul searching, in every sense of the phrase here. So much kindness, love and tolerance can be found in these words written right here on this msg board.

    When someone needs comfort, it hasn't mattered what that persons faith (or none) has been, people have done their best, in their own way to reach out an comfort one another.

    Rainbow you summed it up when you discussed how much you have learned here, and I have said many times that the benefit I have gotten here is immeasurable.

    SJ your ability to put thought and ideas into something coherent to me is wonderful. Wise beyond your years.

    Wayne, speaking of are. I love to read your posts.

    I liked the comparison of the survival rate between those with a strong faith in a Higher Power and those that had a strong faith in themselves. There is good scientific data about strong feelings and beliefs and how they can get us through the worst of times, along with religious anecdotal stories.

    I think that believing in and loving ourselves has to be the basis of any spirituality or religion.<BW

    I liked your sentence about everyone having a Divine Spirit whether they realize it or not. I don't have a name for it yet but believe this is true for me. Thanks for helping me get some words to explain how I feel.

    Through this board I am learning that were I "am" is a good place to be. I want others, all others, to feel the same.


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    Thanks SJ. I do feel better about my journey and I am glad to have you along.