This body is literally at BASIC survival

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    talk about down to basic survival, I can't even find anything to quench my unquencable thirst which is exascerbated by my top symptoms of about 15 the sandpapery dry dry fire ant biting raspy th2 overatication of my tongue throat and upper bonrhicals,

    i also have NMH symptoms Dr. C has told me not to water load , his homemade gookinaid sezlter and water with seas salt and NO SALt makes me thirsteier and hurts my stomach, the oringinal aboe mentioned drink is the purest on tehmarket and 2 yrs. ago i could drink it but now have allergic reactions as my food sensitvites and cfs symptoms have progressed, juicing veggies helps some, but this homopathic dr. i got hooked up on internet says i may have oxalic poising from certain veggies, but i think she doen's now for sure,

    I'm so sick and tired of rotation diet but when i eat off of it, i get more worsening of allergic type hypersentivity,

    i'm bedridden l8/24 hrs. a day and do good if i can eat twice daily, i fight binges all the time because Dr. Chen. has said i'm suffering nutritionally due to being bedridden, gut ecology etc.

    WEll just letting off steam, I tell God these things daily,

    I"ve got 3 test out and have asked DR. chen. for written inerpretations at 8.50 a minute for his time

    if he wants a p. consult that's uksually never under l to 2 hrs. at 8.50 minute and i stay broke

    I'm at basic survival, i was talking to afriend of mine who is parpalegic and has other problmes and he has been ill since ll (he's 41) i'm 49, and he understands the body is now at basic survival. Paul M
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    Sending happy thoughts and hugs (((((((((Paul))))))))))
    you will be in my prayers I hope you feel better

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    I am so sorry that you continue to feel so ill. I am sending up a prayer for your healing.

    Love, Mikie