this has got to be hell!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by danaDoo, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. danaDoo

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    The pain , the brain , the body nothing seems to be working right ! dizzyness knowbody understands they all act like we are normal and exspect us to preform like we are. I got shots day before yesterday and now the other side is going crazy .. thats all for now thanks for listening .
  2. danaDoo

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    Thank you for hearing me and i am sorry for your pain also! I am just so sick of saying "i just don't feel well" I want the old me back but, sometimes I see people who seem to be much worse off then i feel guilty for feeling bad for myself...but, then i see those that seem so healthy and happy and i don't wish them to be sick .. i just wish they could feel like this for a day..

  3. femshuff

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    What really gets me going though is when people are completely able to do something but to lazy to. They are completely healthy and then expect me to do the things I am not physically able to. Wow that sounds confusing as I read it back to myself, sorry. I hope you got what i was trying to say.
  4. Sheila1366

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    Oh honey, are you any better today?

    That is a real crappy combination to have.

    We understand.You can make it.

  5. rainbowgc

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    I, too, was in so much pain yesterday - and in my head I knew that truly I must be dying. How can one feel this bad and not be? I constantly have to remind myself that, no, I am not dying, but on one of "those" days death would be like relief.
    And then today comes and I am better and am trying to get done what I can get done. As you can see I definitely have my very dark and despair days. What keeps me going is???? I can't believe the rest of my life will be like this.
    Whoever posted that page about explaining fibro to others - thanks. I sent it to my daughter and she finally "got it"
    Yesterday she sent me a huge bouquet of flowers which brightened my dark thoughts for the day. My DH is very understanding and helps out me out a lot.
    What I am going through right now is that I have OCD and not being able to clean like I normally would is driving me nuts. I am trying to lower my standards somewhat but I have to say on those days that all you can do is lay there, your eye sees a lot of housework and that is depressing.
    Currently my mantra is "Today I will be the best that I CAN be"
    Also I am (have been) a gourmet cook. I can't do that anymore and that also effects me because of my OCD need to be perfect. So I am loosening the reigns and currently we are trying out easier to prepare meals and even frozen foods.
    I have had fibro for over 24 years and am finally falling into this disease. I have fought a long and courageous battle of denial to be as well as I can be. I can't do that anymore. Fibro is winning - so I will do what I can do, ask for help when I need it, and adjust my lifestyle to my new reality.

    Hope you are feeling better today.