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  1. christina38

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    Often with fm and cfs I have fought to keep myself from feeling purposeless.
    There is nothing worse than feeling hopeless, helpless, and like you don't Exist.

    So, I started fostering animals. If you can't work, but If you have some strength,
    volunteer for a rescue group or shelter. You can help a wounded animal, an older animal,
    puppies, whatever you feel you can handle.
    I'll tell you, it does tire you out but in a good way. It's like you've done something, even if you can't leave the house.
    Taking care of something can refresh you in a way.

    It's also like you're helping each other get through a tough time.

    I hope this helps someone. :)
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  2. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)

  3. christina38

    christina38 New Member

    It does help your mental health considerably.
    This week I was asked to foster 3 puppies.
    Nothing lifts your mood like a loving pup

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