This helps me to relax and get to sleep, and get up some energy to clean.

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    Hi there,
    I hope this helps.
    On YouTube you can create playlists for relaxation, meditation, etc.
    I make playlists to use to get to sleep and then play them when I go to bed.
    Make sure that you know what is on your playlist so that you don't have any loud and annoying sounds coming in when you are just getting relaxed. I make the player full screen and set it to play my playlist, it can run all night if you want.

    Ok, to get enough energy to do clean I set up my playlist for songs that are upbeat. I hook a r/w/y cord up to the TV from the computer, set it to the right input on the tv and crank it up. I don't have the right cord to do the video on the tv but I make it full screen on the computer. Helps mood too, thank god.

    Is there anyone in the Phoenix area SE Valley that has a good doctor?
    Take care,

    If anyone wants to see the playlists I use here are my youtube playlists.
    (copy and paste into your browser)
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  2. jasminetee

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    I sleep to YouTube and other audios I download from the web too. I sleep better now than ever before.

    I also use music to keep me pumped up when I can be up. I play the rock music I always loved back when I had a life.

    Music, meditation and inspiring messages can make a huge difference.

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