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    Hello everyone,

    I know that it is not a good thing to hack into your mothers screen name, but this weekend she showed me all the replys of the posts she put up about me and my brother. I would like to thank you for your prayers and support about my possible medical crisis, and for my brother. I haven't heard anything about whether or not i have diabeties or not, or if i can have kids. Mom came up to be with me for the testing and i really appreciated that. It helped but i'm still really scared...I'm really not all that concerned about the diabeties thing even though i know i should be. In my selfish personality, I'm more concered about the possibility of not being able to have children. I remember growing up and playing with my dolls and telling myself i want 4 kids, a happy family, and a wonderful husband. Well, i have a wonderful boyfriend who is so supportive and will hopefully be my husband sometime soon.

    I'm a little sad today though, because i didn't show up at my job because they did not care about my health problems and know i don't think we will get the house that we have been trying to buy all because of me. I feel like hell today. I'm supposed to get my paycheck tomarrow and i'm scared i've never done anything like that before and i don't want to be yelled at. Does anyone have any words of encouragement?
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    and be totally business-like. That's all it takes. If someone starts to raise their voice at you, give them a scating look, turn and walk away. If you have done a wrong thing there, apologize for it, to be right with yourself, and don't make excuses for whatever you did. Then thank the person for the check and depart with a clear conscience.
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    I'm your Mom's friend Dona and it's a pleasure to meet you!!

    Ok... did you call in or just not show up? I am a Manager.. well, actually a Director but same thing.. most companies have policys in place regarding no-shows.. In my company, first no-show, your written up, second you are suspended, third, your terminated. If you didn't call in, you will probably need to talk to your supervisor about it. You can go to the doctor today.. tell them you are stressed out and missed work and though they can't give you a note for yesterday they can say that you have been seen. If you have to talk to your boss, try to stay calm, and just explain that you have these health concerns and you aren't feeling very well and you are sorry you didn't call in.. can he/she work with you as you are going through this?? Or something to that effect .. you know your boss better than I do.. What are they doing that makes you feel like they are not supporting you through this? How can they help you through this? There are laws in effect to protect employees depending on your personal situation.. I'm pretty familiar with Calif. state employment laws but they vary state to state.. Good luck sweetie and if I can help you through this in anyway let me know.. love, dona
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    WEll thank you for your advice, I just walked in and handed in my uniform got my paycheck and left. No-one hassled me, and better yet i got my old job back in the town that i'm living in. I went to the doc today and i don't have diabeties or any hormone inbalances. So i have to take Prometium for 10 days and if i don't get my period back i'm supposed to go back in. Thank you again you all have been really halpful