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    Hello all I have been battling cfids for about 7 years now and due to this illness have had my life dramatically altered.The humbling of diminished capacities.I am not oblivious that this body was never meant to make the long haul with any of us,but I was an exceptional athlete and blessed with many freinds until I became stricken with this illness.True there are many out there who have similar or unfortunately worse circumstances than I and yes taking the most positive approach to any dillema is invariably the best course of action.But all that aside and being raw honest often times I feel completely defeated by the illness and wish I could remember who I was before my body betrayed me.Anyone willing to interceed to the lord on my behalf,well that would be wonderfull.God bless you all.
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    I have Fm, & know how debilitating the chronic fatiqie is. I fully understand your feelings that your body has betrayed you, & being defeated by this disease. I have my moments too.
    I think one of my life savers has been reading posts of others who are also struggling, reading the replies & support. I have realised I am not alone with this illness, & there are others so much worse off.
    I thank God for his help, & pray for His help for you too. I can't understand why we have these problems to contend with, but have to just believe that maybe one day we will understand, & see a bigger picture.
    May God Bless & help you at this time.
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    I will be praying for you Kalaya.

    Dear Lord, Please hear my prayers and all others prayer here on the Worship board for Kalaya. I pray that you stay by her side, hold her hand, letting her feel your presence. I pray as to bring her some comfort, peace, and the strength to endure. We all have our hardships to endure, and I pray that the Lord blesses you and all others here at the Worship board.
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    Sometimes it helps me to really focus on the fact that this life is really so short compared with eternity. And, that all our sufferings reap eternal rewards if we are submitted to Him and trust Him (Christ) for our salvation.

    I listened to a really good tape series called The Biblical Path to Mental and Emotional Health by Family Ministries (Reb Bradley). WOW! was it great. I tend to get depressed easily with this illness. I have relapsing remitting CFIDS, so sometimes I feel decent, and at other times like I will surely die.

    Anyway, this series has REALLY helped me to keep my focus on Jesus during this time. Perhaps it would help you as well. I just listened to the tape on suffering last night again. It really helped to make me feel like I could put one foot in front of the other and keep going on, no matter what life dishes out to me.

    May the Lord lead you into all truth and the peace that comes from walking with Him and being filled with the fullness of His presence.