this insomnia's getting old isn't it?

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  1. shoshi68

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    you know what? I am grateful for internet and you all. I can't sleep and its too late to take anything. I try not to b/c my kids need a mom who can funxn in the a.m. So I think i'm coming into a flare, its almost 1 am and no sign of sleep in sight.

    I haven't slept well going on my third year, and I'm just going a bit loony. No wonder we have fibro fog... just having a rough night of it.

    any one out there not sleeping tonight?


    EZBRUZR New Member


    That is also why we can not be provided adacuate medical care at first. The Government is watching all of us and trying to find the ability for World Dominance. See, we were all perfectionist and crap. EVERYTHING matters. Now mostly Grey Matter!! LOL

    Not goin looney here see!! Totally rational thoughts. The most rational would be finding klonopin and sleeping,not logical--internet here!!!

    i 'm afraid to sleep until I know this HPV stuff is all good. Lot's of water,sleep would be disturbed any how. :}

  3. MissRachel

    MissRachel New Member

    Hi all,
    I got up because I thought a game of tetris would put me to sleep and of course it didn't work.

    It's to late to take m y pilss to, or i'll pay for it tomorrow by sleeping the day a way.

    This is sO frustrating

  4. TNhayley

    TNhayley New Member

    Do you have any meds for sleep? I think we should take whatever we need to get a good night's deep sleep. It is imperative and, IMO, the number one SX to try and correct. Also, I don't think there is anything wrong with taking meds every night to sleep. There are people who will disagree, but if you can't sleep without them, what are you supposed to do? Would you deprive a diabetic their insulin? To me, sleep is to FMSers as insulin is diabetics.

    OK, stepping off my soapbox now .... ;-)

    I read your bio and I so relate. My Mom was sick with FMS for years and I was a complete heel, didn't understand at all what she was going through till I became sick. One thing that taught me is that *others* really cannot understand, so it has lowered my expectations as to what my well family and friends can comprehend. I still feel the frustration, but then I just remind myself of my own reactions to my Mom ... and know it's a thing that is almost impossible to fully understand until you walk in the shoes. I still try and educate as much as possible whenever I have the chance. :)

    Good luck ... I hope you find the zzzzzz's you need! Hugs,
  5. jadibeler

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    I haven't had any sleep. I've learned to roll with the insomnia, since I don't work or have to take care of anyone anymore (and my husband sleeps real late), I don't even try to keep a "normal" schedule. I'm usually wide awake, reading, until 4:00 or so, by the time I've had my snack and taken my meds, it's around 5:30. But then I go right to sleep until as late as 2;30, 3:00.

    However, this is the 2nd night where that didn't work and here I'm still up, as I was the other morning. I did try, but there wasn't a chance. The other morning I looked out the window at 7:30 and saw the neighbor dog digging under my fence (my dog is in heat). Lucky thing I was still up!! So I went out and fixed the fence and watered all the plants. It was 9:30 by the time I got to sleep.

    Today I had to get up around 9:00 to bath the puppy and take her to the vet to get her ears cropped. Since I could see I wasn't going to sleep and the time allotted was growing smaller and smaller, I just got up and gave her a bath. Now I'm killing time before the trip to the vet. And I'm still wide awake.

    It's definately weird, but then I've been out of kilter with the world my whole life - and had FM all my life, too.

  6. MiahRoo

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    The klonopin has been helping me quite a bit with sleep thankfully, but usually it seems a med will only help me for a month or so and then it just stops doing the trick. I'm hoping this will be the one to help for a longer period of time. The thing that really freaked me out was what happened the other night. I surprised my fiance with a little weekend vacation. I was out of my 'routine' of course so I forgot to take my Klonopin in the pm and I could not sleep for the life of me and I felt so very nauseated instead of sleeping close to my fiance I was cuddling the lil garbage can. Then I suddenly realized I'd forgotten to take my meds so I had a lil snack and took the Klonopin and slept for 5 hours straight after that. Could not taking it give me nasty withdrawal symptoms already? I've only been on it for around 3 weeks? maybe less. I have no concept of time anymore. I'd hate to think that not taking one dose would make me that sick. But I deal with constant nausea anyway...i never know what is causing what anymore!
  7. shoshi68

    shoshi68 New Member

    thank you for your feedback, all. fell asleep around four am andhave to run around doing errands. lists and listsof lists keep me together.

    too much fatigue. hope you all are doing okay today. i think i'm trying not to take the meds consistantly b/c the kids and needing to do stuff.

    so, off i go... :)


    EZBRUZR New Member

    Hello evening creepers!!
    Up for round 2,here.
    Do not know why,my BEST sleep,DAYTIME!!
    Still a few hours. Down this morning at 4am CT.Up at 9am.
    Sleep 1:30-till now,WOW!!

    Perhaps, trying to be *normal* and have *regular* sleep habits just is not in my DNA. I'm going on year ,oh say 20 of this sleep habit.When 1:30 isn't available due to LIFE in the way-no loss,keep goin.
    I am very good at knowing what birds start chirpping and what predawn hour is prefered by each type.Guess even when internet not around,I still find other *things* to do.Even when it is just wondering *WHY?*.Heck,that Alone keeps me up a good 3-4 years so far.

    catch ya all in AM,say1-2ish?

    EZBRUZR New Member

    It is Beautiful out tonight. Doomed,very bright stars. live near river,sound so nice,frog and even bugs.....
    When does the Sun come up?

    Think I may just *sleep* under stars.

    darn,forgot West Nile High here,in bugs,no people in state yet......

    Screw it!! at least I can get Treated If I was to get it!

    walk & talk to the sky,I'll be watching as You fly bye........

    peace, eZ
  10. chngthnmtoME

    chngthnmtoME New Member

    Be careful about that WNV. I've had cfids 19 years, and last Sept. I got WNV. There is no treatment. And, of course, whatever was out there was denied me because of misdiagnosis/lack of diagnosis. I developed the encephalomeningitis form- as if my brain wasn't already lost enough. I didn't know who I was, and I was living alone and my phone had been shut off (my husband had moved for work). Over the past year, 3 times I came close to death. And it reversed me all the way back to day 1. A year later- what day is this? Who is my husband? What is the name of that whatever? The memory problems I had are even so, so much worse, I don't really know how I survived. No one with an abnormal immune system wants to get this. The most you'll get is painkillers (the spinal pain was indescribable, and after 11 years with severe fibro I didn't think anything could be worse!) and maybe fluids. I still have some paralysis like symptoms in my feet and hands, I went weeks upon weeks with 1-2 hours of sleep THE WHOLE WEEK (you know, my brain is just a mess)and now maybe get 2 hours a night if I am blessed, and I developed severe kidney problems. My thyroid crashed, I gained 50 pounds in 2 weeks--- we don't get the mild form. No one really knows how I survived, I sure don't. So be careful out there!
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  11. michaele

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    You know, I've had fibro for 2 years. I've had sleep apnea for 5 years. When I started wearing my CPAP machine, I feel asleep within 5 min. or less every night! It was a dream come true since I had been sleep deprived before.

    Now, this fibro has brought on insomnia. Klonopin has not helped. I am sorry to say I am resorting to benedryl to make me fall asleep! And-----sometimes I wake up in the night even with that! I HATE this. It also keep my husband up and he has to work all day. I don't want to change out of my bed bec. my CPAP is all set up. And---I usually go the the LR and read or go the computer. Thank God for the internet. I try to tell the Drs. about this and the fibro connection and am ignored------like insomnia isn't a big deal. Well to some of us it is!
  12. HuggyMummy

    HuggyMummy New Member

    otherwise I would join you on yr night-time conversations! You're asleep when I'm awake - perhaps we should swap accomodation - then we'd all be able to sleep at night:)

    Wish it was that simple. It's almost 9pm here - and I'm about to try Valerian tablets for the first time - not truly holding out much hope, but got no joy from my docs today - just the usual 'sleep hygiene' routine, which I know backwards - porbably better than she does!

    Have worked hard staying awake today, plus Valerian tablets, no caffeine, and a regular bed time routine. Will let you know how I get on - probably at 2am UK time! (By which time you'll all be having yr daytime siestas:)

    Tra for now