This is a subject that it hurts me to think about

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    I never thought I would be talking about anything like this and just so everyone knows, I am very insecure. I am insecure because my dad was a cheater with my mom and my step-mom, he is older now and doesn't do that but it is in my mind that every man will cheat, I pray i'm wrong!
    My hubby works with a woman that I really don't like or trust. I have this nagging feeling that he may be having some sort or realtionship with her, he says she is not his type anyway because he likes women who have large breast (hate to be so graphic) I am above DD, and that have meat on there bones and she is as skinny as a rail and flat chested. Plus he likes dark hair women and she is blond. But a few days he has been late from work and has gone back to work early from lunch. Also he hasn't wanted to be intimate as often as he used to but he still is making alot of passes at me and flirts with me. On the part of intimacy he has been hurting alot with back problems and muscle spasams, so I hope that is all it is. We have been married for 22 years and he has never been unfaithful the whole time. Also he still kisses me alot and tell me he loves me.
    Anyone who can help me with advice I would really appreciate it, thanks. Crispangel
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    that being sick makes us insecure as well, we start wondering how our partners can put up with us.

    Sounds like your husband still loves you. Dont let what your Dad did ruin your relationship. Have you sat down and told your husband how you're feeling? May be a wise thing to do.

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    I feel a lot better just from your e-mail. I have always thought if he was going to cheat he would have done it already. Yes I have talked to him about my fears and it was about this particular woman and he said I had nothing to worry about because she wasn't his type. He also said she is neurotic, kinda off in the head. That worried me because I feel like I am too. Thanks again Crispangel

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    I think both of you are probably right. He is a very good hubby and we always say I love all the time and every night we kiss each other, we kiss actually alot. I may need threapy to get over what my father did, as he would even bring women to the house and have sex with them on the couch, while we we're in our rooms trying to sleep at night.
    I am so lucky and I need to remember that. I think it is that he hurts alot like me and he just doesn't feel llike being intimate which really we are kind of intimate (won't go into details) well thanks again. Crispangel