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    i believed i asked this before, but noone answered me, well, ill asked again, in MAY 2009, i was told i had candidad, IM A cfs sufferer, since 1995, In MAY of 2009, i was taking nystatin, olivie seed extract, candex, a liitle sample of threelac, but i need for anyone to tell me what else there is to buy for this bad candida, i want to take as much at one time as possible'

    also, at one point in this candida situation, i have STOP taking all products about in early JUNE 2009. i started binging on cake for 2 weeks every night straight, in late JULY,i started back taken the nystatin, olive leaf extract and candex. i noticed my tongue being extra white,i got scared, and began the treatment all over again, because of seeing my tongue white.

    what i would like to know from anyone here.... have i started to the beginning with the yeast/candida all over again.... and as of july 26 being august 26 being a month of ridding this thing, or im i into 3 month of it, since my orginal date was im MAY. im still feeling awful, awful, awful, im very confuse about how far long into this i am me understant what i did...............thanks very much.........FAM

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    Street, I realize that you have been feeling really awful and really want to get some answers quickly. I am sorry that you are struggling so much. However, people do answer your threads.

    I just did a search on your previous posts, bc I thought that I remembered you getting quite a few answers in the past and I thought I could pull up a few to point you to. I quickly found many threads that you have started (and which were answered by several people), however, it is really difficult to find specific threads bc your headings do not reflect the topic that is contained in the threads. It would be really helpful for you and for others if you wrote a few words in each heading that had the topic (candida treatments, for instance)....that way, when you or others try to look up things that people have already replied to, they could find them more easily (either by looking under your user name and then looking at specific topics or by simply looking for the topics to begin with).

    Also, I noticed that in a few of your threads, you posted them and then within less than an hour already posted again saying that no one was responding. You have to give people more time than that. Some people are not up at the time that you are posting, no one is online all the time, some people read and just don't have the energy to respond at that given time and may come back later with an answer, and some simply don't have an answer to the particular question you wrote....and, quite honestly, some are probably frustrated bc they have responded and you have appeared to dismiss their responses (that may not be your intention, but it may be how it seems when you so quickly get agitated that you have not received a bunch of immediate responses, or when people have responded and you keep asking the same question). I realize that many of us do get forgetful, and if you have posted and simply forgotten our answers that is completely understandable....but please don't then turn around and blame us for not answering.

    I am not saying this to be hurtful, so I hope that you don't take it that way. I am saying it bc I know that you are struggling and I do want you to be able to feel better and to be able to get the responses that will help you. I am just pointing out some things that may help. Personally, I just quickly checked on here and wanted to respond, but am now too drained to keep looking for answers that have already been posted, or for coming up with more of my own responses.....and I have responded to you many times in the past (& hope to be able to in the future). Anyway, rt now I have to go and shower before I run out of energy to do that. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I do truly hope that you get some good answers.
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    I know very little about candida, but there is a candid board where you might get more information.

    Good luck.


    ETA I see you have been on this board. Are there any others on the internet. You might want to change your title to something like Candida Help.

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    Getting rid of candida takes time. Also you generally feel awful while doing it. There seems to be no easy way. If taking the candida supplements make you feel too crappy, then you need to go slower.

    Virgin coconut oil (get it at a health food store or on-line) is very good at killing candida. It worked for me a few years ago. It did make me feel like cr*p while it was working - I had to go slow, but it was very effective. Start with one tablespoon a day, see how you do, and if possible work up to 2 or 3 tablespoons. But go slow. It's very effective and the die-off from the candida is just rough.

    Also, I've posted before to you to try kefir. Also yogurt and a good probiotic.

    I think that binging on cake for two weeks probably put you back to square one.