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    I know I can relate to this "wound up" feeling and yet can't sleep even though I'm exhausted.
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    Unfortunately I too can relate to that "wound up" feeling. I hate the tired but wired times.
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    can explain both the tired but wired, and exhausted but too wound up to sleep feelings. High cortisol at night causes insomnia which almost nothing will touch. Ten to one that's what Heath Ledger had.

    It's easy to get it under control. Seriphos (phosphorylated serine) is fantastic for normalizing cortisol levels. Several years ago I had to take 8 capsules a day, but it was so worth. It nailed my intractable insomnia. Also made me less edgy. After a couple of months I was able to lessen my dose.

    One of my sisters recently complained of insomnia and she's had a lot of stress. She started taking 4 capsules of Seriphos and loves what it does for her. She's calmer, sleeps better, but not drugged.

    The adrenal stress index test is a saliva test which measures cortisol levels 4 times during the day/evening. Any doctor can order it but a naturopath or integrative medicine doctor I tihnk would be most likely to do it. Clymer Healing Center (google them) will do it too - you can work with them by phone, e-mail and regular mail. I think everyone on this board shoujld have this test done.

    Also, if you do take Seriphos, it's very important to take it in the morning because of the body's natural rhythms. It does not make you tired during the day, just takes the edge off, but really helps with high-cortisol induced insomnia.

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    I went through this same thing. I was up to 12 Seriphos capsules a day. This was several years ago, and eventually I no longer needed it.

    Now, after having flat-lined on cortisol a while back, my body seems to be making it again in abundance. I am up until 2 in the morning, and I'm waking up before 6. So definitely I peak on cort at the wrong time of the day.

    I ordered a couple of bottles of Seriphos last week and am waiting for them to come in.

    To add to Mary's post, I think it helps to perhaps *start* taking them in the morning, but I metabolize weirdly (as many of us here do), so it helps to try it throughout the day if you don't get the step-down effect at the right time of the day. When I was on 12 capsules, I took 3 of them at four different times of the day, ending with the last dose at bedtime.

    Seriphos has really saved me the tired-but-wired thing. Out of the 14+ years I've had CFS/ME now, with many different treatments tried for many different symptoms, this is a keeper!
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    This definitely sounds like something that might help me. Do you know if there are any drug interactions? Guess I could check it out....:)
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    I don't know of any drug interactions. I am very sensitive to meds and did not have any bad reaction to the Seriphos.

    Actually, when I first took it, I was told to take it at night and if I had trouble sleeping, to take even more, but taking it at night made me feel awful. I don't know how to describe it - it was a weird feeling, just not right.

    Somehow I figured out that morning was the time to take it, and then I later read that this was the case, having to do with I think circadian rhythms. Anyways, taking Seriphos in the morning I felt just fine, no problems, and then realized I was feeling calmer in general, but not drugged or sedated. and started sleeping better too.

  7. Juloo

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    I wasn't told of any drug interaction either, but the best advice I've been given when starting a new drug or supplement is to begin only one new thing at a time so that you can tell if you have any weird effects, you'll know what it is from.
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    Is this prescription or at health food stores?