This is driving me mad.a/o else..odd nasal pressure/diff breath'g

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    Please...any Is it just me?
    In January last year I started to have difficulty breathing. I do not have a stuffy nose but it is almost like I have an invisible balloon filled with air behind my nose feeling ike it almost fills my throat too. Made me feel like I had to breathe through my mouth. I started this thing that I could only describe as involuntary gulping like my body MADE me gulp cos I wasn't getting enough air into my lungs. It also made me feel like I had to yawn as well as gulp constantly but I never cleared a complete breath. The doc said this was a panic attack (but I didn't think so and refused to take meds as I was afraid this would make things worse since I have a very sensitive system). Another doc said this was something experienced by CFS sufferers known as non-satisfying or unrefreshing breathing. This went on all day, every day and was worse for any exertion or temperature change...even washing my face made it worse! This led to chest pain making it even more difficult to clear the breath.

    Well, whatever it was over the next months up until June or July this continued and then settled into a more manageable, but still immensely irritating yawning problem which I could cope with. The gulping more or less stopped. The chest pain calmed a fair bit. The yawning remained but didn't seem to last all day, just a few hours then I'd find some relief.

    Well, over the last fews days it has come back with a vengeance. It is so awful I want to cry. I cannot cope well at all with this particular symptom as it is so irritating and exhausting. It is causing me an inordinate amount of stress. I feel embarrassed alos when tlking to others as I have to take such an obvious gulp of breath and as it is unrefreshing it happens again moments later. I tried to describe it to my boyfriend with regard to howm uch it upsets me: it can be compared to being prodded to the point of screaming at the person to stop, only for it to start up again and so on.

    I could cope with it when it settled down to a yawning problem with yawns that could be stisfied but the way it is again now I am having trouble remaining calm about it. As it is there all the time and I am constatnly physically reminded of it and pestered by it, I feel like I am going crazy.

    I do not have a snotty nose at all but it feels like how you can't breathe when the nose it snotty. My heart has now started to race most of the time as I am not getting enough breath to my lungs.

    I am going to the doc again but I just hate the medicine avenue as I am fairly chemically sensitive and don't want to overwhelm my body with chemicals which medicines are, after all.

    I am having such trouble my mum wanted to sleep with me last night. I refused but she looked worse than me this morning...she hardly slept with worry about it.

    I am trying my best not to obsess about it when around my b/f even though he is very understanding (he has a lipoma lump on his arm he is worried about and is waiting for it to be removed and biopsied..he admitted to me that any lump terrifies him because of the obvious cancer implication) so I am scared of further stressing him out. BUT I am not good to be around right now as the constant attention my body and brain seems to have to give to the breathing the attention it demands right now is make me VERY touchy at the moment!!

    Can any one empathise with this? I can't understand how it improved and is now back? What made it go away? What made it come back and if last year is to go by, it lasted 6 or 7 months before it mellowed into manageable yawning. What is this? I seem worse after getting ready; washing my face; being cold or warm; changing temperature.
    My sinuses have always been a problem (a lot of the women in my family have sinus problems but none can say they've had this particualr problem). It feels like I am being slowly asphyxiated until I do my big deliberate gulp and then I have redlief for only a very short time. Between the fatigue, my daily headaches and now this, I am slowly being driven crazy. I ahve not done anything to my diet but it started last year in Jan so maybe it is seasonal?

    I want so much to live but, like so many of you will understand, this DD makes it impossible. I just want some peace and somem tangible normality in my life.

    Please help me. If any one has experienced this and can help in even the smallest way, I will be eternally grateful.

    I have gone on...if you have managed to stick with me to the end, thank you; I appreciate it!

    God bless, Love Shelbo x
  2. Denamay

    Denamay New Member

    Dear Shelbo,
    I feel for you.

    This sounds awfull.

    I had similar problems but not as bad as you.

    It is a terrible sensation.

    I hope the dr. comes up with something possitive to help you.

    My trouble was based on anxiety.

    It took ages to get over it.

    I took L-Glutimine and Magnesium and it it cleared up in time.

    It sounds like your problem is more involved than mine and you need a good going over by your dr. Love and best wishes, Denamay
  3. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    You really need to see an EN&T doc. Sounds like you may have nasal polyps or something or that nature.

    Good luck!

  4. sdown

    sdown New Member

    I had repeated sinus infections last year and discovered I had nasal polyps. Sometimes the polyps affect your breathing thru the nose. People might have polyps and not even be aware of it. When I went to the Nose, Ear and Throat Specialist I never even heard of nasal polyps. So the doctor prescribed glutathione nasal spray. It is an antioxidant. My polyps are gone and I dont need the surgery. I was lucky as alot of people go thru the surgery to get these removed. I would ask your doctor to make an appointment with a Nose, Ear and Throat Specialist as soon as possible. My doctor even admitted that alot of doctors misdiagnose patients. So hold your ground and politely insist to your doctor that he refer you to a specialist. For shortness of breath I take B12 sublingual drops under the tongue and hawthorn. Good luck!
  5. kbak

    kbak Member

    Having a hard time breathing will automatically trigger concern to panic. There is nothing worse. I rarely have this problem, but when I do, it drives me WILD! I too have sinus difficulties. I do many things to keep that under control. I agree that you really need to see an ENT doc, or a good internist who specilizes in pulmonary problem's. Your probably not getting enough oxygen. I'm so sorry your going through this!

  6. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    that I saw the ENT recently and he said I am clear of polyps and that the symptoms I am describing are caused by an irritant of some sort. As I have said, I know temperature changes bother me but that doesn't explain why it eased off in some of the winter months. This is the second time now that it has worsened in January and last time when it first began it lasted 7 months or so.

    Thanks for your insight and warm thoughts though. Any one else...I'd love to know how to at least improve it. I am being driven to death, slowly but surely!
    Love Shelbo
  7. Trishgray

    Trishgray New Member

    I've had 2 nasal surgeries to repair mine, and it always feels like I've got a big booger or sore in my nose.. your ent would've seen that with Xrays or a CT Scan..

    Hope you feel better!

  8. tansy

    tansy New Member

    this time because my sinuses now have no feeling. It took a recent virus to bring things to a head, so now I'm going back onto what worked before and buying a mask that works on acupuncture pressure points - it said to be good for migraines too.

    Sinus irrigation can really help using salt and bicarb, this helps restore a normal environment. Sinusitis can trigger breathing problems, chronic sinusitis is common in these DDS. The ENT I saw said much the same thing though he did suspect lyme dsease. My sinuses are inflammed but now non responsive to steroids sprays which I don't like anyway.

    Part of my problem is environmental but infections are involved too, wild oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract worked well for me in the past; I heard good reports on a colloidal silver spray.

    love, Tansy

  9. kbak

    kbak Member

    I use sinus irragation. It has helped me quite a lot. It is difficult for most people to get use to. At first I felt like I was drowning. If you can stick with it, you get use to it. Most people can't stand it so I usually don't even mention it, but it does help make a difference.

  10. KJH_10

    KJH_10 New Member

    similar problems, like I could not breath, and yawning did help, people always asked me if I was tired. I found out that I have bad sinuses, and acid reflux disease. Which can make you feel like you can't breath at times. I also always worried about not being able to breathe, so the anxiety did not help either. I started taking nexium for my reflux, and allegra for sinuses, now I feel ok most of the time.

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