This is Embarassing!.....part two

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    Thanks for the input regarding my symptoms (painful peeing, sharp pain in pelvic area and vagina area).

    I went to the DR today and did the usual pee in a cup rutine. I got so mad when he was examining me. He was poking and prodding my back, stomach and pelvis and it really hurt. The pelvis I could see because of the bladder infection, but when he was touching my back I told him "Hey, becareful that hurts!" he replied "Oh right your FM". Darn tootin'. They can be so insensitive. I am totally sore now and hope I don't end up in flare becasue of him, darn GP's.

    Anyway, now i'm on antibiotics and cranberry juice, plus plenty of water. And eat before taking the ABs.

    THis is the first time I've ever had to take ABs and it's upsetting my belly and I tried to lie down but have the muscle jerks so I can't fall asleep ARG!!!!

    Thanks for letting me get that out and thanks agian for the advice yesterday.

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    I'm so sorry for all this pain. I think I may have missed your original post, but this sounds like interstitial cystitis and/or vulvadynia. Have you asked your doc about either one of these possibilities?

    Hope you are doing better.

    Love, Mikie
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    Before I got CFS, when my doc gave my abx she always gave one that had to be taken 3 times a day. When I got pneumonia a few months before I got sick, she gave me the "new and improved" version that only had to be taken twice a day. Couldn't take it because it upset my stomach too much (and I'd always had a "cast iron" stomach). So maybe he can call in a new prescription for ya.