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    Hi I just wanted to say Hello,and tell you that I too am from Ohio.Hasn't it been an awful winter. I just pray it will soon be over.DUH That was stupid You might be from some place in Ohio that doesn't have quite the severe winters that we do. What was I thinking? I am from the far northeast corner and I can tell you I've had it.
    Also new to this site..Hope things are quiet and calm for you. Sounds like you have your hands full.Please take care of you<<<< Shirley
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    down there in good ole Marian Ohio!
    I see you have not been visiting this site too long yourself.
    Isn't it amazing the people that are suffering from this DD. Its so nice to be able to talk and compare notes.Although I think sometimes you have to be careful not to over do it Or it will get you down worse than you would be other wise. But I would like to be able to help others since I have dealt with it for so many years, it would be nice if something positive would come from it.
    I'll be watching for any postings from you to see how you are doing--- Shirley