this is for everyone :)

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  1. lsaxton65

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    we have no life...we struggle with what life we have and try to make the best of it. We don't have anyone to turn to...if we do, we doubt if they really understand.

    Some say they understand, but their actions and comments prove other wise.

    we have hopes and dreams too...we want a good life too. we try to cope with things (pain, fatigue, guilt), but most of the time it is a failure. we feel like we are a our family, friends and ourselves.

    we have our good days, but the bad far out weigh the good and some days that is all we focus on because no matter how hard we try...our life just isn't what we want it to be.

    we try not to complain...hide our emotions...we feel like a burden to others...sometimes not being here doesn't sound so bad.

    But what keeps us going is the friends and family that we have here on this board. You guys give us hope, let us vent, let us ask the "stupid" questions...all without judgement or guilt!!

    In fact,you won't give up on us because at one point and time you have walked our guys keep us motivated and stronger and even sane.

    Even though I am going through a rough patch, I just wanted to thank you guys for being there when I need you and not abandoning me:)

    You are an answer to prayer and very much needed!!


  2. zenouchy

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    Very well said! I send you my prayers, hugs and blessings for improved health, well being and good cheer.

    Love, Erika
  3. jmq

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    Your post made me cry. You said it so perfectly....

    I feel the same.

  4. erinwilburn

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    you gave me a good reason to cry tonight. thank you. i don't know how to express how greatful I am for all of you.
  5. gapsych

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    What a heartwarming message.

    Take care.

  6. jasminetee

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    and thank you thank you thank you. :)

    Nice post!